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Have you ever felt the need to use big, long words to sound more authoritative or to fill up space? In most situations, all you are doing is sounding more difficult to read. Go with the smaller word, not the littler word. Read More
Today you have to make more marketing decisions than in the past. And one of these is where you will have a social networking presence that matters. Here are two considerations to regarding social media effectiveness for your business. Read More
For me the five main Social Media outlets are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and now Pinterest too. Social is where everyone is these days so businesses need to be there too; especially when starting off to grow your network quickly and cheaply. Each of the five platforms I’ve mentioned have Read More

Jeff Bullas - An Interview With My Social Media Expert

Jeff Bullas - An Interview With My Social Media Expert - Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Social Media
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Every day I see tweets from Jeff Bullas linking to his Social Media and Online Marketing blog posts - and they are all an excellent read. He knows his stuff and conveys it to his audience in an engaging way. Being listed in the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers is just one of his many achievem Read More
Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its latest green guides, designed to ensure that the environmental claims made by marketers are truthful and non-deceptive. This is important for consumers and for marketers. Read More
In the search of business growth, it is tempting to add features to your products or services. After all, if your competitors have them then you must too. This type of thinking complicates the buying decisions for customers. Focus on one key feature can differentiate your brand & grow your business Read More
Looking for financing for a loan? Weemba increases your chances of finding a backer. Unlike P2P lending sites that handle all the details of the transaction, Weemba simply connects borrowers and lenders, and the interested parties do their negotiating off the web site. Read More
Maria Ross provides the foundation for a solid small business branding strategy in her book, Branding Basics for Small Business. Get more branding tips in this article on CorpNet's blog. Read More
Do you ever wish that you could just take a percentage of big marketers and bloggers' traffic and send it directly to your site? If so, read this!

This is a guest post written by online marketing expert Russell Brunson. Read More
There are many ways to be more eco-friendly: carpooling to work, recycling, even turning off the water as you brush your teeth. For business owners, reducing your carbon footprint could mean reducing energy bills and therefore cutting down overhead costs. Here are 5 steps toward a greener business. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!