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Our recent business blogging "think-tank" was held, of all places, at a local bowling alley! Amidst the backdrop of rolling balls and flying pins, Guinness was on tap and the biz-blogging ideas were arising fast and furiously. All of the tips, advice and principles we discussed on the art of business blogging right here... Read More
I have some ideas that will help you tap into new resources, find new leads, build credibility, and speed up your sales cycle! Are you using the news to help you increase sales? Read More
We all love stories about great leadership. Perhaps this is the reason CBS’s new reality series, “Undercover Boss” became an instant hit. Ever since its premier aired immediately after this year’s Super Bowl it has managed to stay near the top of the ratings list, capturing the attention of over 38 million viewers. While the success of the show is obvious, what is surprising is that all but one c Read More
Do we really need to be told to remember to listen when we engage with people face to face at a networking function? How often do we have to practice our 7 second elevator pitch? Is this what networking is really all about? Read More
Paul Chaney had a rewarding job with a young and growing company, but in the end he needed to follow his heart. This move has led him to focus on his passion for small business and for speaking in an effort to inspire others and help small businesses grow. But it has also led him to leave the security of full-time employment to become a small business person himself. Sometimes the best way to mak Read More
Now that the Apple iPad is a real product, what will it do to change many traditional print mediums that we currently enjoy? Most think this product spells the end of the print media as we know it, but what about other business communication vehicles such as white papers?

This blog post will provide you with a future glimpse into what the white paper medium has in store once it makes the conve Read More
Staying in contact with prospects and clients increases your chances of getting sales. How to put together a contact plan and different ways to have touch points with your prospects. Read More
I have been adding new applications on my iPhone. It is interesting to see how a specialized browser for the mobile market, like Opera, is getting downloaded a million times in 24 hours! I have listed three examples of mobile applications that could change the way we communicate in the future. Do you think that these new applications will change how we work and interact during our spare time? Read More
The next two weeks will be busy ones for fans of Subway, and it's famous $5 Footlongs(tm). Enter the Famous Fans, who bring their love of SUBWAY(r) sandwiches to life on the court, in their race cars, in the pool... Read More
Mari shares her initial impressions of the iPad, common mistakes people make with social media marketing, and Mari's 80/20 rule of social media strategy. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!