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Most of them get failed and quit in their earlier days of blogging. So what might be the reasons behind the failure of newbie bloggers?

The simple answer is “Lack of determination & patience.” They are also unaware of the essential strategies that are indeed needed to be followed. Read More
5000+ Words Guide: Why Links Matter (Like, A Lot). They are one of the Top 3 Google ranking factors along with content quality and rank brain algorithm. Learn more about backlinks, how they can boost your rankings and how to create SEO friendly backlinks to boost your search engine rankings. Read More
One of the biggest marketing lesson? Don't Keep All Your Eggs In One Basket.
In 2018, don't only depend on Google, create a brand presence and get more visibility with these search engines (Read detailed benefits listed by research and statistics) Read More
Confused about which theme is best for your business website? Here is the ultimate comparison of all popular themes, data-backed and with recommendations based on your need. Check it out! Read More
Content marketing doesn't have to be complicated. This case study from Jay Baer explores how his dentist uses Facebook Live to educate patients and prospects. Read More
Whether your business is B2B or B2C, summer calls for special marketing ideas. With summer fun on customers’ minds, it's a good time to loosen up, Read More

Entrepreneur or freelancer: Which one are you?

Entrepreneur or freelancer: Which one are you? - Avatar Posted by davidtrounce under Self-Development
From 2040 days ago
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The entrepreneurs of the 21st century are tech savvy, they are compelling and they are ambitious. But they are also dependent on the stability of skilled freelancers. Which one are you? Read More

Ten Ways To Expand Your Email Marketing List

Ten Ways To Expand Your Email Marketing List - Avatar Posted by divahound under Marketing
From 2041 days ago
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Email marketing is the new direct mail. The good news? Customers respond well to a quality email that offers value. The bad news is that people get a LOT of emails every day. Your email marketing efforts must stand out. But before any of that happens, you must have people ON your list to actually s Read More
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could place your blog on the first page of Google (or rather the first 3 positions on the first page) for your target keyword?

How about getting to know what keywords your competitors are using to get more search engine traffic that you and using them in your own SEO s Read More
On Page SEO Techniques: This 3500+ worded guide is the only one you need to optimize your site for on page SEO factors. Get better rankings for your #SmallBusiness websites with our FREE SEO checklist. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!