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In our world of online marketing it seems as if we are always being bombarded by “gurus” who have the answer to all our problems. They say that they are on the cutting edge of every particular issue and come up with the latest neat trick to cure all our pains and provide us with a step-by-step guide to riches. This information is worth several hun Read More

It's Time for a Marketing Check Up

It's Time for a Marketing Check Up - Avatar Posted by m4bmarketing under Marketing
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How are you faring with your marketing efforts?Are you achieving the results you want, retaining your key customers, attracting your preferred customers, increasing sales? Read More
Is a buy American clause inserted into the latest government stimulus package really hurting some US small business selling products outside the country? Yes, according to some small business owners including this head of a pipe fitting company selling heavily in Canadian markets who explains that many countries are beginning to retaliate against Read More
As passage of a health care reform bill seems more likely in the House and Senate, there is one small business interest group that is bucking the trend of criticism saying health care reform will lower costs for small business. When clicking on the link below please allow time for the full PDF form to download and scroll down to the beginning of t Read More
The future of e-commerce is "social commerce" as online shoppers, particularly younger generations, are heavily influenced by social media and Web 2.0 technologies, according to Hill & Knowlton's Future of Commerce report. The report, which surveyed 600 US adults, found social media is "Word of Mouth 2.0" for younger generations, with youths Read More
Sure, online social media and social networking are popular, but they don't mimic the way we naturally interact. Why use Facebook or Twitter to tell friends what you are doing at the moment, when you can directly show them what you are doing and where you are doing it? Read More
The landscape of today's job market is shifting, and the shift favors individuals who are savvy in social media. Read More
As you can imagine choosing a web analytics tool is a critical process because whether you choose right or wrong you will be usually stuck with it for a while. Read More

Marketing To Women Is More Important Today

Marketing To Women Is More Important Today - Avatar Posted by jsternal under Marketing
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As a small business owner or entrepreneur, do you take gender into consideration when developing design and/or content for any of your online or offline marketing, including the design and content of your Web site or blog? This question can also be applied to any social media marketing efforts in place within your company (you'll learn why in a fe Read More
For small businesses, earning customers has never been easy so small business quality remains key to help keep those customers they do have. In the made-for-PBS series Small Business School, we look at examples of businesses that are taking no chances when it comes to maintaining quality and keeping customers happy. What are you doing to maintain Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!