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Free Click Millionaires Scholarships – just for YOU if you are Unemployed - Learn how to turn your unemployment into self-employment!

If you are unemployed and would like a chance to win a free 6 month “scholarship” to join Click Millionaires, just leave a Comment on the scholarship post at

Click Millionaires is Scott Fox's private online e-commerce success co Read More
Using foursquare for cause marketing is a great way for small businesses to collect donations for charity. Use foursquare for your next cause marketing program. Read More
Organizations will want to consider this effect as they map out workforce and labor strategies into the future. Read More
There are millions of stragglers out there who have either ignored or filed away the questionnaire – perhaps never to surface again (till a Census taker comes a knocking). And that’s a shame – for business owners and communities alike. Because just by answering 10 simple questions, we can all directly affect the quality of life, services, and job creation in our communities. Read More
For small business owners, an inability to write well presents an even bigger problem because there are fewer employees to delegate tasks that require writing skill. Poorly written proposals can result in lost business. Poorly written ads can fail to deliver results. Poorly written customer correspondence can result in misunderstandings and reduced customer satisfaction.. Poorly written product i Read More
Want to move the needle on your business? Start making changes based on customer feedback and market research. Read More
Sarah Stevens speaks about the success of her Technology Firm, growing the business by 131% in one year. Her Business got a million in a very bad economy, as a result Sarah's business won the "Make Mine a Million Dollar Business" Competition. Sarah has 4 kids and also ended up hiring her husband. Discussion on women small business owners and doing business in the current economy. Read More
Bad customer service should never, under an circumstances, be tolerated. You have a right to expect excellent customer service, and it's time to demand that right. Read More
Maybe this should be on that "Dirty Jobs" television show. This question is aimed at readers of this blog who also happen to belong to a country club. Here goes; If you had an opportunity to invest in a young franchise concept that has a dirty business model, would... Read More

Big companies have rushed head long into the social media space creating social media departments and titles like Social Media Strategist, Community Manager, and Director of Conversation. You know, I’ve never been very big on job titles, but I also think stuffing social media participation into a department or job function limits the way organizations should be thinking about social media. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!