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A limited liability company is a hybrid-type of legal structure that provides the limited personal liability features of a corporation with the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership. Each state has specific guidelines for forming an LLC, but they all adhere to the same general principles.

No matter where your LLC is located, two documents are crucial to its success – the articles organization and operating agreement: Read More
So you wonder whether you want a business plan for your business. You've heard that business plans are about raising money, perhaps, and it sounds like it might be hard to do. You don't have that MBA degree or CPA certification. So thank goodness, you don't need it. What a relief. Here are 6 suggestions from planning expert, Tim Berry Read More
If your small business has struggled to get financing in the past, or you are thinking of getting a loan to fund new growth, here are some tips to help you understand what SBA-loans are available, where to get them, and how to prepare a winning loan application Read More
Myths and truths revealed about what tax obligations and financial aid limitations govern the "sin" industries of alcohol, gambling, tobacco, and firearms. Read More
Employees have access to a business's valuable information and trade secrets during their employment. But what happens when they no longer work there, or if leave to work for a competitor? It's important to consider the effect that it would have on your business if this scenario were to happen, and to take the necessary precautions. Many employers combat losing valuable employees and trade secrets to a competitor through non-compete agreements Read More
The business of child care can offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to pursue a passion for child care and child development while enjoying the independence and responsibility of being your own boss. Here is a summary of the key steps involved in starting a child care business. It also includes links to government tools and resources that can help connect you with funding programs as well as provide guidance on some of the trickier regulatory aspects of offering child care services Read More
Starting a senior care business? Read our 8 tips for addressing the growing business market.

The dramatic increase in the number of people living in retirement age presents new challenges for the growing number of families that are unable to provide relative-to-relative care. However, for entrepreneurs, this presents an opportunity to address a growing businesses market Read More
While a contract agreement isn't required to legally operate as a freelancer, it's well worth your while to create one. This article explains the benefits of a freelance contract and offers tips on what to include and how to negotiate. Read More

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

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Want to turn your favorite hobby into a business? From home improvement to music, here's a look at some of the best hobbies for making money Read More
One of the most effective ways to grow your business is also one of the oldest: networking. Small business expert Rieva Lesonsky offers tips to make networking easier, more effective and even fun. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!