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Mentoring is an important approach to career and leadership development. The mentor/mentee relationship is very important for career development. Read More
A grievance is the state of dispute or dissatisfaction between the employer and employees in the matter of collective agreement or application. The grievance can be brought when the employee believes that the collective agreement is violated. Read More
The innovation of social media has spread its effect on every aspect of life. The effect of media is shown nowadays in business and industrial sectors also. The effect of social media in this matter of business has both a positive, as well as, a negative side. Read More
Employee Retention is the ability of the organization to retain their employees. It is both a strategy, as well as, an outcome. The employees with top performance or high performance should be retained by the organizations to improve and develop their working atmosphere. Read More
Temps or Temporary employees as being defined in the Human resource terminology, is used by a company to complete a job by reducing the cost entitled by hiring a new employee. A temporary employee, if does his or her work successfully, he or she may also be appointed by the employer on a permanent Read More
Diversity refers to the difference between individuals' identity and also the ability they have to help the company or the organization to achieve their goals. A companies' success depends largely on how tactfully it can handle diversity. Thus, the company needs to focus on various diversity manage Read More
The companies at Michigan now outsource human resource and spent a lot of money for this. There are also various problems being faced by the companies regarding outsourcing. Read More
Succession Planning is the process of selecting the members from the organization or the company itself to make the business to reach its peak performance. Read More
Many company managers think OHS a burden leading to extra cost and resources. However, the Occupational Health and Safety program are important for the better working of a company. They also think this hampers the business time affecting their work. But, OSH or OHS is one of the important tasks a c Read More
Benefit Administration involves creating and managing employee benefits. It also helps the employees by training how to utilize their benefits.  The process also sets the standards for the employee to meet their beneficial needs. The Human Resource Department often looks into these needs of the emp Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!