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We hear it all the time, “You have have to build value.” Ok— I get that— but how? Most people think that building value is dependent upon statements the sales person makes. Strategic word tracks and value based concepts are important coming from the seller, but what if we could get these value building ideas coming from the buyer... Read More
Not everyone can bring an unconventional view to sales, but for those who can think differently, see things differently, not only are there more rewards, but more fun executing the sale. Read More
Sales people need to embrace the power of 'nothing', instead of jumping to answer everything, they need to consider if 'nothing' would be a better alternative! Read More
When customers succeed at prematurely ending the sales interaction, the result is no sales. To change the results, increase your Read More
Is sales training something a VP of Sales should deliver personally, be part of his strategic outlook to be delivered by another resource (either internal or external)? Read More

Recession Recovery: 'VW' Ride Coming?

Recession Recovery: 'VW' Ride Coming? - http://blog.tonyjohnston.biz Avatar Posted by TonyJohnston_CNi under Management
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What kind of recovery should we expect now from the Great Recession? This is a key business question of interest to business leaders everywhere. What do you think? To find out what one group of senior business leaders and consultants thought as of September 22, 2009, read this article. Read More
We don't have anything to pitch, but we need to meet with our customers. What do we talk to them about? We focus so much on pitching, we have not developed our skills in understanding the customer and their needs. How do we walk into customers with a blank pad of paper and a few questions. Read More
This is primarily a sales training issue, but once trained, it becomes a sales management and coaching issue. Read More
No matter what the conditions, a company can't shrink it's way to success, nor can a seller succeed with a shrinking pipeline. Read More
I'm tired of making lemonade when life gives me lemons. Reality: making lemonade with lemons is so passé. Geez, the world is full of lemonade-makers who had been given lemons. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!