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Average is the benchmark of those businesses that will one day fail or be left behind as others in the industry find ways to be amazing, which is defined by Encarta as “so extraordinary or wonderful as to be barely believable”. What you should be asking yourself is “What is the average and how can I be amazing?” Read More

Saturday Sales Tip - The Pipeline

Saturday Sales Tip - The Pipeline - Avatar Posted by SellBetter under Sales
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At time it is the things that we fail to do as sales people that prevent success, rather than how well we do execute those things we do. Planning is one success factor that many sales people do not do, or don't do enough of when they do. Read More
In an earlier link I mentioned Ashton Kutcher and his business model for social media as a blueprint for small business on the Web. In a followup, Fast Company posted the following story about Kutcher's Katalyst Media and how it is now adding live video promoted by Twitter and Facebook to a growing army of followers. The idea from the perspective of small business could be a very easy way of usin Read More

Build a Social Media Business Like Ashton Kutcher

Build a Social Media Business Like Ashton Kutcher - Avatar Posted by ShawnHessinger under Technology
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Made Hot by: stillwagon428 on January 5, 2010 3:44 pm
Ashton Kutcher, Mr. big time TV star and still one of the most famous Twitter users on Earth because of the huge number of followers he's amassed not to mention friends on Facebook, is building a social media business of a very different kind. While waiting around to see 'Avatar' over the New Years holiday, I happened to pick up a copy of Fast Company with the following article. What's amazing fo Read More
Now that the aughts are behind us, we can start the new decade with a bang. So many new technologies are ready to make a big impact this year. Some of them will be brand new, but many have been gestating and are now ready to hatch. Below is my list of the ten technologies that will leave the biggest marks on 2010. Read More
Learn more about what Google trying to buy Yelp is important for your small business, and what else you need to know about the changing world of search. Read More
Is your online presence amateur or amateurish? Click now to find out the difference and decide whether you're a savvy bootstrapper or just plain lazy. Read More
The use of technology will be at the forefront in the lives of many entrepreneurs during the next 12 months. Learn what some companies are doing in 2010. Read More
Becoming a better member of the community by being socially responsible is the tenth most common resolution or goal for the year. This is the result of a recent survey of small business owners and entrepreneurs conducted by Max Impact, a strategy and leadership development company. Read More
In a poor economy some businesses crumble while others soar. This is part of the series, Top business resolutions for 2010. Many owners have some interesting thoughts about growing their businesses. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!