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A 2012 survey of CEOs at private U.S. companies found that just 7 percent of those businesses provided regular updates on quarterly and annual financial performance. Learn how open-book management can significantly benefit your company. Read More
Many startup entrepreneurs find the process of approaching VCs for funding to be daunting. Here's a look at what these types of investors are traditionally looking for in a business venture. Read More
Alex Morris looks at how some of the biggest companies present themselves on Twitter and discovers a wide variety of social media strategies at play. Which approach makes the most sense for your industry, and which company should your small business emulate? Read More
Your inbox can feel like an endless abyss. How are you supposed to get actual work done (and even approach inbox zero) when "urgent" emails keep trickling in, 24 hours a day? Read More
As a small business owner, venturing into the world of social media can feel a little like wading into freezing cold water -- uncomfortable and possibly a bit dangerous. We offer simple tips to make the process a bit less frightening. Read More
WordPress themes that are free usually tend to lack in the quality department. Here are 10 that are as good as the paid themes and maybe even exceed them in certain areas. Read More
Working capital enables your business to operate. Find out how much you have available by correctly calculating your current assets and liabilities. Read More
Using a recruiter to find the best employees for your business is supposed to make the hiring process easier, but how do you find the right recruiting firm in the first place? Read More

Transform Your Interns from Average to Awesome

Transform Your Interns from Average to Awesome - http://experts.allbusiness.com Avatar Posted by dhennessy under Human Resources
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Sometimes your intern hires don't always turn out to be as experienced as they presented themselves to be. Check out some ways employers can effectively manage their interns to transform them into more productive and talented team members. Read More
Every time you tweet, post, comment or upload anything on the Internet, your actions affect your personal brand. Here are common branding errors business owners make and how to avoid (or correct) them. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!