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5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Social Media Process

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We’re well into a new year, and it can feel like winter may never end. But spring is officially here, and there is no bad time to review the way your social media marketing efforts are going. Whether you like to ‘set it and forget it’ or are constantly working on how you market, these tips will hel Read More
Well, your wish has been answered because a developer from Google has listened to that wish and have successfully created an app that can easily copy text from picture files (jpeg and PNG) without stress in seconds… Read More
Old business models are being turned upside-down by new cloud-based technologies. Hotels will never be the same after Airbnb arrived and the taxi industry as we've known it may not survive Lyft and Uber. Other industries are more resistant to the cloud. One example is insurance, but even insurance Read More
A sole proprietorship has a lot more disadvantages than advantages. By incorporating as an LLC or corporation, you are legally separating your personal life from your business life. However, a sole proprietorship does not offer that kind of liability protection. Read More

Sales Lead Management: 3 Reasons to Know Your Leads

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Feeling on cloud nine after getting leads from your last event? Great! But don’t let your head get caught up in the clouds. The most important part about getting a lead is making sure it can become an opportunity. So, how can you increase the quality and quantity of leads? You’ll need to make sure Read More
It would be fantastic to have an unlimited marketing budget, but that simply doesn’t happen in real life. Here are 6 ways you can stretch your company’s marketing budget to grow revenue and profits.

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The goal of your business website is to showcase how trustworthy your business is and your professional expertise to assure people that you’re the real deal. Here are the four major areas of website credibility and 16 important factors that help your small business increase customers and profits.
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Find out how to make Social Channels power your online marketing so that You Can Reap the Benefits of Social Media for Business.

There are millions of websites out there on the internet today. Most of them will never appear on search engine results because of the tough competition they are facin Read More
Even in this age of videos and text messages, the quickest way to kill your startup dream with investors, business partners, or even customers, is embarrassingly poor writing. Being very visible in the startup community, I still get an amazing number of badly written emails, rambling executive summ Read More

Finding Time – 5 Ways To Stay Productive In 2018

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More than 1 in 5 small business owners think that the hardest part about marketing their business is finding time and resources to do so. With smaller budgets and fewer staff than large companies, small businesses find themselves in the unique position of needing to find and cultivate leads in addi Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!