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Facebook recently forced everyone to redesign their Facebook pages. Have you upgraded yours yet?

For many folks this "upgrade" left an ugly gap of grey emptiness at the top of their Facebook pages. Does this sound like your page?

Here are 4 easy examples of how I upgraded my Facebook pages Read More
Here is a real-life example of an unsocial incident, with my tips on how to the turn the commenter from 'unsocial me' into 'social happy'. Read More
Franchising in Australia is big business. Stats are similar to US franchise businesses, and it can be a great place to open shop. Do you have what it takes? And, why not do it in the US? Read More
Retain your top employees: Keeping your employees - especially your top performers is critical for your business success. Smart companies develop Employee Retention Plan to improve their current Employee Retention Rate and develop high performance... Read More
Quick question—which employee in your company is responsible for brand management? Many businesses would say their brand managers, the PR and marketing team or maybe even the CEO should be held accountable for public brand perception. The truth is that every single employee in your company, especia Read More
Are you ready for summer? The season of sand, sun and fireworks does not actually begin until June 20. But it’s a long-standing tradition that Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer season. Here are four tips to make sure you have a happy and prosperous Memorial Day weekend. Read More
Remember those Capital One identity theft commercials? They were pretty humorous, right? Unfortunately, when your identity becomes stolen, you won’t be smiling. Take it from us. Our business was recently the victim of identity fraud.

A few months ago, we first noticed an enormous amount of produ Read More
How to end the feast and famine cycle and build a sales pipeline that provides your small business with a constant stream of high quality new opportunities. Read More
A brief list of reasons you should be blogging. Do you own a business? Do you work for one? Boost sales by boosting followers and expertise! Read More
30 Website Secrets: Blogging - See how you can increase website traffic and get more sales with the 30 Website Secrets - Learn about Blogging here. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!