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Most bloggers spend time tweaking their blogs - their themes, their layout, their colour schemes etc. But few bloggers ever give thought to the amount of time it takes to actually write a post - and most bloggers are typists of the 'hunt and peck' variety and have never thought about learning to ty Read More
One of many open source products that has helped to make Splatforms.com what it is today is Apache Velocity. One of the most powerful features of Velocity is the ability to create reusable functions known as Velocimacros. The Splatforms Task specification provides a section in the Task definition w Read More
Terry L. Sjodin has written Small Message, Big Impact: How To Put The Power Of The Elevator Speech Effect To Work For You. Sjodin is founder of Sjodin Communications, a firm that specializes in communications training for business. Read More
I love when I come across a first time home buyer that is excited about the process of insurance buying and interested in learning about the insurance program we're going to place on the home. But where we can run into trouble is when that proactive home buyer pretends that they know more about in Read More
One of the biggest debates in the world of personal finance is whether it is preferable to use a credit card or a debit card. Of course, there is no standard answer. As with all issues in personal finance, whether you should use a debit card or a credit card comes down to your own [...] Read More
Strategy - The ever-increasing interdependence between search and social media should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat. Learn how to use both strategically, and boost your marketing effectiveness. Read More
What is Affiliate Marketing for YOU? For me it's "freedom", "flexibility", "expertise", "professional secrets", "performance", and, of course, an "unmanageable workforce"... Read More
Even if your products and services are excellent, you will not succeed in achieving sales unless you effectively communicate their advantages over those of the competition. Read More
The May issue of Wired magazine (the printed version) was of special interest to me. Within the few pages at the front of the magazine, there were 4 full-page ads (one was a two-page spread) for major consumer brands, each featuring different mobile response methods to entice readers to engage furt Read More
How different is entrepreneurship in India? Is it more to India than outsourcing? Do Western companies outsource more or less to India during the crisis? Read the interview with Indian entrepreneur Ashwin Srivastava. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!