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1985...The fight was on! Fists and elbows were flying and blood was flowing from both of us.

Present day...I have learned many great business lessons from rivalries, fist-fighting and burying the hatchet Read More
Forget Trump. Forget Branson. Forget any other motivational speaker you have ever seen or heard.

This guy is less than three feet tall. He's disabled. And he's changing attitudes one person at a time...

Once shunned by EVERY company he ever applied to, he now trains the CEOs and staff of Fortune 500 Companies Read More
Nature vs Nurture. The chicken vs the egg. Ali vs Foreman. Yankees vs Red Sox.

And style vs substance. Which is more important in business blogging? Which makes your blog the marketing tool which attracts readers and customers? My answer...which may surprise and appal you.. Read More
Successful selling requires sales behaviors that yield the desired results.Sales behaviors are determined by both knowledge and self-talk. Once knowledge is present, the salesperson's self-talk can either lift a salesperson to a new level of sales achievement or can act as a limiter on career and income growth. Read More
Habsheim, France. June 26th, 1988. The test-flight of the first fully-automated airliner that removes the "Human-Factor" from the puzzle.

Technology is the force behind modern innovation. But what are the consequences of over-reliance on technology in business? A tragic and chilling demonstration.. Read More
I've seen this video scores of times but it never fails to send shivers up my spine.

The lessons are abundant: adversity, striving, being down, cooperation and success. These are principles which we in business can all strive for Read More

Hit-and-run Social Bookmarking

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Why is it worth your time and effort to look at other people’s submissions? Well, for the same reason that you take the time to speak with people at networking meetings - because the value to you of participating depends on the relationships you build with other members Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!