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Many smartphones and tablets with beautiful design and powerful specs that were introduced earlier this year are expected to be released in the upcoming weeks. Read More
As bloggers, we all know that the ultimate goal of every blog post is that it should deliver value to the readers. So it’s should be very important that we learn to create valuable articles. Learning how to make your blog post valuable is not a daunting task and it can be done just by following few Read More
Part of internet marketing strategies success is all about knowing our target market. The rest is about branding and delivery, but delivery is a matter for another post. Internet marketing strategies consist of all things real world converted to digital representations, and as such, internet-market Read More

5 Questions to Keep Your Visitors From Bouncing

5 Questions to Keep Your Visitors From Bouncing - http://www.soundwebsolutions.com Avatar Posted by swssem under Online Marketing
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The first 5 seconds of a visitor’s experience on your website will most likely determine what they do next. If the user is not attracted or impressed, they will “bounce” and quickly leave your website – then visit your competitors instead. A bounce rate over 50% is potentially a problem – and an Read More
WWW and non-WWW web address are two different entities in the eyes of search engines. How to 301 redirect PHP Link Directory-powered web directories? Read More
In today's post John Jantsch covers the importance of inspiring, growing through risk, being graceful, and other characteristics he believes falls under the word boundless. Read More
Why bother with improving conversion rates? How can companies bid $xx.xx per click on Adwords? And why do people get all hot and bothered about “viral” businesses? All these questions are related to the value of a sale – which I’ve created some calculators to help your company better estimate & und Read More
In his book, The Truth About Leads, Dan McDade writes, “Close to 80 percent of buyers state that when they are in the market for a solution (such as software or services), they found the vendor, not the other way around.” Let’s run that through our brains one more time… Read More
Being kinder to the environment as a small business doesn't need to be a hassle. Discover five simple ways you can help your business and surroundings... Read More
Do you think that if we were to lose the war in Afghanistan or Iraq, our Government would turn around and say..”Those lazy soldiers! Let’s take away their pensions and kick them out!” Absolutely not! No one would EVER contemplate blaming the fighting men and women..And quite right too. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!