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Customers take longer to find a solution than we think. Companies tend to focus on their initial contact with customers, believing that shoppers' experience with a product or service begins when they walk into a store or visit a Web site. In fact, their journey begins much, much earlier. The easy availability of information on the Internet today Read More

The Truth About Government Grants for Small Business

The Truth About Government Grants for Small Business - http://usgovinfo.about.com Avatar Posted by ShawnHessinger under Raising Capital
From http://usgovinfo.about.com 5144 days ago
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Government grants for small business are often talked about as an option when launching your new venture, but how realistic an option is this when starting out? Well, in the United States any government grants to help small business will likely come from the states and this list of links from About.com should help you get an idea what's out there Read More
This link to an article on top 7 overrated small business ideas from Yahoo! Small Business comes with a reader's advisory from yours truly. Every now and then when I see posts like this on my Yahoo! landing page, I can't help but include them since they're certainly appropriate to bizSugar readers and members. It's very popular to come up with Read More
There has certainly been no shortage of stories, posts and comments questioning the future of social media for small business. But before you switch off your laptop or chuck your blackberry see this post from Twitter investor and VC superstar Fred Wilson. Of course, there has also been a flurry of articles, reports, posts and comments on the numbe Read More
As the economy sputters, small business owners remain intently focused on the bottom line. So a conversation about adhering to Web site privacy best practices might seem a bit--well, off topic. However, if your business sells anything online, few things are more important than your online reputation. Read More
The Friday FREE white paper list is a way to review over 40 new white papers each week without submitting registration or personal information. The list is made up of white papers submitted via Twitter and is posted each Friday. It is a great way to review white paper examples and learn new techniques. Read More
This post covers the unique core aspects of e-commerce sites that make online shopping possible. Customers appreciate the convenience of ordering online, but if a site is cumbersome, is veiled about its pricing and polices, or does not seem to provide personal benefit, they leave. Read More
Tom Pick of the WebMarketCentral Blog has a post (a followup really) on developing a creative email signature for your small business. So what is an email signature? Just read Tom's post and find out. Actually, it can work as a guide to where you are all over the Internet. From social media buttons, to blog url's, Twitter, Websites, contact phon Read More
I've worked for bosses who hold polar opposite views on the issue of whether or not a manager should apologize. One believes that a manager should never apologize to their employees. The other makes it a practice to apologize regularly for wrongdoings. During the last few months... Read More
"In the coming decade marketing will be reengineered from A to Z. There is little doubt that markets and marketing will operate on quite different principles in the early years of the twenty-first century." Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!