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Have experience in business and want to advise other entrepreneurs? You might want to train as a business broker. This article advises on what they do and how one can get into this well paid industry. Read More
SaaS, great recurring revenue for the business, but one that ultimately hurts consumers, startups, innovation? Guise makes a great case to follow up from his earlier article on "Subscription Psycho" and how the consumer is being exploited by monthly fees for products and services that should really Read More
The single largest strategic blunder managements make is not adequately preparing for succession. In fact, 61% of SME (under 250 employees) have no clear plan to ensure the business does not suffer when key personnel leave. Read More
Investors in residential property may be feeling like the government is out to get them. Increases to stamp duty, higher capital gains tax rates and the mortgage interest relief restriction have combined to make property investment much more expensive. Read More
Understanding the psychology behind consumer behaviors, emotions and tendencies is a super-powerful technic on the road to achieving and maintaining customer loyalty.

Apply these 6 super-psychological triggers to maximize customer retention. Read More
Your homepage is the customer’s first impression of your company, making it extremely important that the website layout is designed in an intriguing way. Aesthetically, a website should choose legible typefaces styled with deliberate colors and sizes. Beyond what meets the eye, there are best pract Read More
If you've accumulated losses on your books, how best can you monetise that loss by selling it to another party to use against their profits? Read More
Much of what you've heard about business valuations is probably wrong. Businesses aren't valued as a multiple of earnings, or based on EBITDA. There are many misconceptions about the value of businesses. We dispel some of the myths. Read More
So how can marketers engage and serve this demographic and boost conversions for their respective businesses using push notifications? Let us find out: Read More
Top eCommerce marketing strategies for struggling entrepreneurs   The digital competition is getting so fierce, that eCommerce entrepreneur... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!