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Seven instances of people starting sovereign micronations – and some lessons in entrepreneurship we can glean from them.
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Deciding which franchise you want to buy can be overwhelming and/or frustrating. The Franchise King suggests a detox of sorts for helping you make the big decision. A good decision... Read More

Scrivener for iOS Review, a Roaming Writer's Best Buddy?

Scrivener for iOS Review, a Roaming Writer\'s Best Buddy? - http://donebeforebrekky.com Avatar Posted by donebeforebrekky under Resources
From http://donebeforebrekky.com 989 days ago
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Writers and bloggers, may I have but a moment of your coffee sipping time.
This Scrivener for iOS review will cover all the things you need to know about this word processor, built by writers, for writers. Read More

Professional Development Training

Professional Development Training - https://corporatecoachgroup.com Avatar Posted by CorporateCoachG under Management
From https://corporatecoachgroup.com 990 days ago
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Professional development training will teach you the skills necessary to get the best performance from yourself and other people around you. Here are the six most important skills you need to develop and why they are so vital. Read More
Marketing your small business on the social networking platform, Facebook, is of immense importance to your success. Facebook enables brands to connect with their fans directly, and that’s the reason why marketers put lots of effort into generating Facebook fans. Tens of millions of fans are follow Read More
Your customers don’t want to hear about you from you. They look for content written by their peers, whom they trust. There’s no question that companies, including technology and B2B companies, need to make influencers like bloggers and vloggers part of their marketing plans. Here's how. Read More
Your audience is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. To grab attention amid that kind of competition, beautiful goes a long way. Read More
Beginning Monday Oct. 23, NextCon 17, the event held annually by cloud communications company Nextiva, has narrowed its focus this year. In stead of being just another business conference, the company has decided to tweak its event to target the topic of improving customer experience. Here is more Read More
You've no doubt heard about the importance of social media marketing to your business. But with so many options to choose from -- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more -- how do you choose the option that's right for you? Rachel Blakely shares more in this DIY Marketers post. Read More
Sales success is predicated less on how cool or dazzling a product is and way more on how much a customer feels the product (and the company selling it) can help them succeed. It’s all about the customer; their success generates your success.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!