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As we interact with entrepreneurs like you on a daily basis, we are often interested in hearing all your stories, be they (hopefully) success stories or tales of gloom and despondency! Our daily discussions have prompted us to gather together a list of twenty three tips from entrepreneurs. Read More
If you're using Twitter (Twitter) for business as a way to promote your brand, products or services, it's even more important that you write retweetable tweets. Here are five simple ways to make your 140-character pronouncements highly retweetable. Read More
Health care reform may help some older workers overcome obstacles to getting hired. By reducing health care costs for some businesses, employers may find older, more experienced workers a better fit, however it seems uncertain how reform will affect small businesses. Promising information about the current health care reform proposal in relation t Read More
Guy Kawasaki recently interviewed Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital and Paul Graham of YCombinator. Mike Moritz is probably the most successful venture capitalist of the last twenty years since he invested in Google, Zappos, Yahoo, and PayPal. He picked up these twelve lessons from the interview. Read More
The “3 to 6 test” is simple. Set aside 3-to-6 months' fixed costs as a cash cushion for your business. The “3 to 6 test” is a rule of thumb. If you have that amount set aside, it can liberate you as the business owner. It can be the catalyst for growth. Read More
One of the best uses of social media for business is being able to monitor your brand. But what if you want to proactively get feedback about your business, new product ideas, marketing campaigns, or other issues relating to your company? Read More
If e-mail and social media are so far apart, how can we bring them together within our overall marketing philosophy and make each other complementary to our overall goal? Read More
This creative slideshow offers 10 useful Twitter tips to help you and your small business gain visibility and followers on the popular social media site. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!