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The Checklist Manifesto, written by writer/surgeon Atul Gawande, is proof that checklists really work (whether anyone wants to admit that or not). Check out the the Checklist Manifesto Review I wrote for more details.

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In a world where we are all trying to do more with less time everyone is looking to increase their productivity to get better results in a shorter time frame. However productivity is more than just how much we get done within a set period of time. It’s also whether we are working on meaningful task Read More
In my last post for Process Street (and the first after being hired as a full-time content writer!) I took a look at the Duct Tape Marketing System and published the Duct Tape Marketing System review previously, but today I’m bringing you the top five hacks from this innovative course by small busi Read More
Do you want to spend more of your time practicing law and less time repeating necessary but boring tasks?

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you reduce your personal workload in a cost-effective way. Read More
I thought it would be helpful to put together a web design and SEO business toolbox for you to reference as you set-up and grow your own business. These are the tools I have used in my business in one way or another and have benefited from. Having the right tools saves time, money and can increase Read More
Even with many alternatives, email is a necessary evil for both businesses and individuals and bizarre as it is in this age of web-app ubiquity, your computer thinks you still want to use its desktop apps. If you’re anything like me and would prefer to have everything all in your web browser you’ll Read More
It is a well-accepted fact that social media marketing is something that all businesses must do if they wish to engage customers and succeed in the current market place. Yet there are literally hundreds of social media tools out there that can be used. How is it possible to know which the best are? Read More
Recently I was hired by Vinay as the new content creator for Process Street. With a history of ghost-writing product descriptions and other mundane copy I was excited to get underway with something more personal and varied. Unlike in the past, this job needs me to research topics I don’t know much Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!