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There is a big trend in software integration these days which involves automation – turning connected systems into free-flowing conduits for data to move intelligently into and out of with ease.  Well, maybe not quite that, but the key is the unattended and intelligent movement of data from one sys Read More
The Cloud and the Business Desktop (with QuickBooks) Cloud computing is here - no longer is it considered to be temporary or just a fad.  Even though there are many businesses in the country without access to high quality high-speed Internet connectivity, the levels of investment and revenue surrou Read More
Everything Reaches an End to Useful Life at Some Point, and April 12 Was It for MS SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL 2005 was well-loved and will be missed.  Even our most beloved things will ultimately wear out, grow old, and become obsolete.  So it is that, after many years (more than 10), SQL Server Read More
Run Your [New, Small, Growing] Business from Anywhere The office for a small business used to be where all the work got done.  The hub of activity and productivity for a small business, the office was where you could connect with team members and co-workers and generally keep on the same page with Read More
SEC Watchful Eyes Focus On Cybersecurity and Protecting Personal Information  #cybersecurity  Information privacy used to be a fairly simple thing.   Systems – what systems there were - weren’t so interconnected and information wasn’t so easy to share with thousands (millions) of people all over th Read More
No REST for QuickBooks Desktop Integration Developers Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks small business accounting software (among other things), is discontinuing service for the REST API and the Sync Manager on March 1, 2016 [1].  Developers with applications which integrate with the desktop editions Read More
 Mobilizing QuickBooks Desktops: Hosted QuickBooks for Remote and Mobile Access There was a time not too long ago when the “thought leaders” in information technology said that the desktop is dead, and all software will be accessed via the web. (Note: I put “thought leaders” in quotes because indus Read More
Franchise FUD: Browning-Ferris Industries, the NLRB, and Joint-Employer Status An August decision by the NLRB is likely to have a broad impact in the coming years, forcing a great deal of change in how many businesses do business.  While the issue may be under the radar for some business owners, th Read More
Payment Card Roll Call: “Not Present” fraud likely to increase as EMV takes hold No retailer wants to become the next Target (pun intended).  Payment card fraud costs businesses and consumers billions of dollars every year.  What’s even more frightening, many of the breaches in the news are the res Read More
Mobile Device Security is a Moving Target As businesses mobilize their workforces and processes the volume and variety of sensitive data passing through and sitting on mobile devices increases dramatically.  Even though the business owner or IT manager may recognize the importance of mobile data an Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!