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Blogging is the new darling of Google's organic search -- so how do you optimize it for PROFITS rather than clicks and comments, and how can you keep it up for more than one week?

This article shows you how in 3 easy steps, WITH screenshots to take the mystery out of Google Adwords navigation. Read More
With this week's new SEO findings (Google's Keyword Tool is kaput and optimized links in guest blogs can now hurt you), it's clearer than ever that great content should be your #1 SEO marketing plan.

So here's a 3-part, step-by-step article on how to ensure you always have new content on deck. Read More
We've all heard of the popular saying that an Image is worth a thousand words but, what i don't really understand is why some people don't make use of images on their posts, the benefit of using #images cannot be over emphasized. Read more to see my own point of view...
Read More
Just when I was starting to get the hang of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, I saw this:

“Keyword Tool will no longer be available in the next few months. To get keyword ideas, try the new Keyword Planner, which makes keyword research even easier.”

Of course, I was curious because I had no p Read More
Ever start reading a PPC article only to get halfway through, and realize you haven't understood a word? We feel you. Easy-to-read PPC articles seem nonexistent.

So we've gone through the nuts and bolts (and some extras) in this 3-part PPC article that's 100% ordinary, newbie-friendly English. Read More
Wow! 2012 was quite a year here at PostcardMania and on our Maniac Marketing blog! We have had a blast producing and compiling useful marketing information to help you grow your business, and we hope you have been able to implement some of it and see that growth in the real world (i.e. your bank ac Read More
Good website performance is critical to convert the most leads you can. If your website isn’t successfully leading visitors to interact you will lose precious leads. Read More
As we draw 2012 to a close (can you believe it’s here already??), I hope it been a successful one for you! I hope you’ve shattered growth goals and revenue predictions. I HOPE the only sleepless nights you are experiencing are due to holiday festivities and not business worries.

Howev Read More
Return on investment changes everything. Most business owners are looking at the response rate of their marketing, but it is return on investment that shows the success of a campaign. Read More
Effective Google Remarketing management strategies can help build small businesses, by allowing targeted follow-up with prospects who visit your website. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!