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Many business owners see email marketing as a way to reach a large number of customers in one shot. That's true, but email marketing is also a great way to deliver highly-targeted messages to a specific group of customers. Matt Mansfield explains how this can be done in this article. Read More
A stunning percentage of small businesses don't measure their marketing programs. This downloadable guide will help you with some simple ways to start measuring (and improving) your online marketing programs. Read More
Mobile marketing is still in its infancy, so it can really differentiate businesses that embrace it early on. This article discusses how mobile can be a great source of new customers for savvy small business owners. Read More
The use of QR codes continues to grow at a rapid pace. They've become part of mainstream marketing in the past year. Is your business ready to add them to its marketing? Read More
Is your small business deciding whether to invest in a mobile app vs. a mobile website? This article offers advice on which approach might work best for you. Read More
See how the Stamford Symphony started a successful mobile marketing program with QR codes and reached their target markets. Read More
If you don’t find a way to automate or delegate your business will stagnate. On the other hand your clients expect and deserve your involvement in certain areas of the business. Read More
Customer loyalty can be one of the biggest drivers of growth for a small business. Marketing expert Jane Applegate offers several ways to start your own loyalty program. Read More
It's important to understand what customers think about your business. Surveys are one of the easiest ways to get that information. Here are some tips on conducting better customer surveys. Read More
It's almost mid year and a great time to renew your email marketing plans. Wayne Pethrick, Pitney Bowes' email marketing product manager, offers some tips on jump starting your email programs. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!