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Great businesses these days start with innovation, and then take it up a few notches to make it a revolution. An example is Google, who turned a new search technology into a tool that most of us couldn’t live without. As an entrepreneur, how do you know if you have the potential to innovate, and wh Read More
Doubt and business seem to be two words that are never far away. Doubting yourself is so easy to do when working because there is so much pressure. You want to make sure that you do everything correct because having a job is what allows you to pay for the important things in life—a place to live, a Read More
With the rise of mobile smart phones usage, readable codes have gained popularity among marketers as a unique way to engage with customers and prospects. Many companies have had success by getting their audience to scan with their mobile phones and submit their contact info for a contest, donate to Read More
In previous years, conducting business on a global scale was the practice and privilege of a relatively small population of large corporations. But today, entering the global market place has become a natural stage of growth for many smaller companies.

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Technology has rapidly transformed over the past 100 years. And with that rapid transformation, we’ve seen vast improvements in how small business owners can run their business more efficiently. Here are 5 technological achievements that have impacted small businesses throughout the years. Read More
Rather than focusing on your product and your brand, you focus on your customer. As I like to say, you go to the people. Read More
In my previous post, Back At TweakYourBiz , I mentioned I had taken time to assess what I wanted to do next. Regular readers of this blog have probably noticed that I shy away from getting too personal. But during a recent coaching session, I noticed that the questions I was asking my client... Read More
I know I said we were wrapping up the “learn how to do cool stuff” series (which we are) and getting back to awesome interviews with successful peeps, but this was a topic I couldn’t pass up because it is SO valuable. Hiring a coach. There are amazing success stories and disaster stories. How do yo Read More
Growing up, my parents stressed the importance of manners. I was supposed to answer the landline "Hello, this is Jenny speaking." This is a thing of the past, landlines are becoming extinct. With new technology there are new rules, manners for social media. Read about them here!
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Ten Tips for Creating Enticing Calls to Action

Ten Tips for Creating Enticing Calls to Action   - Avatar Posted by BLASTanna under Marketing
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Lead generation and sales success depends on executing your email marketing campaigns with skill. Learn more about creating the perfect email call to action. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!