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We've all had the moment where we are stuck with a great new idea. But how do you turn that idea into something marketable? Dr. Frederic Melius discusses how he turned a spur of the moment thought into a profitable national product. Dr. Melius created AlpinMist, an all-natural nasal spray with a Read More
What is information warfare? How can you and your business lead the wave?
Seize Your Business discusses emotional finance and the information war with Paul Keough. Read More
Collecting debt owed to your business can be intimidating, but it is also vitally important to your business's survival and growth. In this video and article, we will take a step by step approach to guide you through the process of demanding repayment and increasing pressure on your debtors. Read More
In this Seize Your Business episode we discuss with Andrew L. Brown how to overcome adversity. Andrew discusses how to prepare for financial adversities as well. ​
Read More
We sit down with Jim Elliot to discuss his charity Diveheart and how businesses can join with local charities in to create a win-win partnership. Read More
​In this Seize Your Business episode we discuss how important corporate wellness and health are essential to a growing business. Read More
In this episode of Seize Your Business Steven Eschbach from Transworld Business Advisors discuss business purchasing, executives and transitioning and business purchasing may be an option for business owners to think about. Read More

118: Using Values to Drive Business Results (Amy Hall) - YouTube

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In this Seize Your Business episode Amy Hall discusses how using ethics in business can drive clients to your business and improve client satisfaction. Even with increasing methods of communication, it seems there has been a disconnect in courtesy.

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Savannah Lamey discusses how to provide exceptional client service by implementing systems that utilize a CRM. Having follow up during the client servicing allows for increased client retention and increased brand perception and reputation Read More
In this Seize Your Business episode, Bernie discusses ways that you, as a business owner, can easily identify your business to clients. By selling the problem you solve rather than the product yourself, you allow the focus to shift from you to the client and their needs. Also this allows for a quic Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!