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Brands and companies have been using Google+ since November 2011, when the network rolled out to businesses and other non-individual entities. The new social arena provided an opportunity to strengthen relationships with consumers and make up for any lack of success on other social networks, such a Read More
A perfect opportunity to get your website reviewed by the experts in the Google Search Quality team. Attendees can get concrete search engine optimization (SEO) feedback on their own sites. We'll also answer real-life questions that affect developers when it comes to optimizing their websites for s Read More

Top Ten Tips For Managing Your Books

Top Ten Tips For Managing Your Books  - http://bloggertone.com Avatar Posted by nialldevitt under Taxes
From http://bloggertone.com 3337 days ago
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When it comes to your accountant, time really is money. The more you can do yourself to really reduce the workload for your accountant, the less time your accountant will have to spend on your accounts, and you may be able to negotiate a reduction on your fee. Read More
Ileane started her small business adventure two years ago when her daughter Nikki convinced her to start a blog. Since that time, Ileane hasn’t looked back. Read More
Philip Kotler is the undisputed heavyweight champion of marketing. He's authored or co-authored around 70 books, addressed huge audiences around the world and consulted some of the biggest brands. Three years ago, he was ranked the world's fourth most influential management guru by the Financial Ti Read More
In today's tough economy, it is difficult for small businesses to survive, let alone thrive against their competition. This article shows how using new, easy to implement technology can immediately level the playing field for small businesses and make them more competitive in a difficult market. Read More

The Truth About Scripts and Cold Calling

The Truth About Scripts and Cold Calling - http://thesalesblog.com Avatar Posted by iannarino under Sales
From http://thesalesblog.com 3578 days ago
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Spending the time thinking about the language, writing it down, and rehearsing it will build your confidence and your competence as a salesperson. Read More
Dr. Stephen Covey coined the phrase in his best-seller The Seven Principles of Highly Effective People. According to Covey, an abundance mentality is “a paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody.” Read More
This incredible story follows two women in Afghanistan, one who creates handmade scarfs to be sold in the United States to further her education and another a young entrepreneur who owns a shoe manufacturing business in which several men work for her, almost unheard of in the culture in which she l Read More
The trouble with sales reports is that they are autopsies. And an autopsy has never been known to bring the body back to life. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!