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A blog about a recent trip to Ghana from "Entrepreneurs at ASU" (Arizona State University) raises the question of whether social entrepreneurship is the next small business trend. Sponsored by GlobalResolve at ASU, an initiative aimed at bringing economic development and other tools to the developing world, the trip looked at many factors connec Read More
It is really a simple answer. We learn how to drive. We learn how to read. We learn how to write. No one teaches us the definition of perseverance and how to manage finances whether personal or business. No one teaches you BEFORE you open your business how to market. Ten things you need to open a business Read More
This column from small business expert Steve Strauss examines tips for small business automation using computer technology to do things like generating response e-mails, sending out invoices and even automating your basic sales through eCommerce. Strauss's argument? Automating some functions you and your staff are spending time on now will allow Read More
Here's a video from Ann Howard, general business counselor at Small Business & Technology Development Center, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, with tips for small business operation. Howard suggests ideas like a good business plan (one aimed at keeping you focused on where you are going with your business not one to show to investors.) T Read More

Links And International Social Networking

Links And International Social Networking - Avatar Posted by CindyKing under Social Media
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Comparing requests for the reciprocal exchange of links with proactive link sharing to build strong social networks for businesses. Read More
Have you heard these four misconceptions about sales? Read More
It's just what the doctor ordered. Read More
This video on how to apply for small business awards from SBTV features Andrew Field, owner of I interviewed Andrew some years ago for another Website and the story of his revolutionary online printing company is inspiring to any fledgling entrepreneur. Andrew says the benefit of applying for business awards is that winning ca Read More

10 Linkedin Tips for Professionals

10 Linkedin Tips for Professionals - Avatar Posted by ianbrodie under Social Media
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nterest in Linkedin from lawyers, accountants and other professionals has taken off recently. And it makes sense. Despite the hype over Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin offers the greatest opportunity for professionals to make connections that lead to business. Never one to skip jumping on a bandwagon, here are my top 10 Linkedin tips for pro Read More
This video from looks at how to manage small business cash flow to be sure you always have sufficient money to meet your expenses. The video also explains the importance of a cash flow forecast to identify poorly performing and costly assets and to be sure that you have sufficient money on hand to meet bills and afford equipment Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!