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Handling Production Work Load In Manufacturing units become a difficult task in Today’s environment, due to some traditional pattern which always focus only Production floor in a manufacturing unit, and rest all business tiers (Sales, Purchase and Inventory) face scattered and Complex Workflow inte Read More
The business whether small or big every CEO has concerns few are listed below: How to manage cost How to Improve Rate of Interest How to Increase Utilization or resources How to ensure Security and compliance How and when to collaborate Above are the common questions faced by most of the CEO’s and Read More
Yesterday, I was sitting in home, busy in watching a new movie show, with a sip of tea. Some minutes after, my friend came for an informal greet. After some gossips of family and friends, our talks went forward towards the office and peers. There came the main reason of his visit. He was quite stre Read More
Real Estate is a growing sector at a rapid pace. The sales forecast in this industry is often very complicated & always a close eye on it, need to be kept on all possible business opportunity. This Industry receives ‘N’ number of leads in a single day from multiple sources & for an organization, fr Read More

How to Drastically Increase the Impact of Your Data Decisions

How to Drastically Increase the Impact of Your Data Decisions  - Avatar Posted by erikemanuelli under Strategy
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Entrepreneurs are often inundated by too much data. You need to cut through it in order to make strong decisions from it.

At least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced every day (that's 18 zeros). In 2012, the entire World Wide Web was estimated to contain approximately 5 billion gigabytes Read More
Like other business industries, education industry also focused on acquiring new students and retaining business by providing higher education opportunities to those who are already perusing their courses. It is as similar as developing a new customer chain and retaining the existing for acquiring Read More
The first opportunity at the first job is exceptionally exciting,blending a feeling of anxiousness with bountiful confidence and zeal to prove oneself. Sales opportunity brings a lot of challenges and responsibilities of amplifying the success ratio of the organization, with a focused approach to Read More
Effective sales and marketing strategies are the key factors for any organization to boost up their sales process. Most business analytics focuses on what entrepreneurs call as perfect Sales Template Focus what you want to do, Understand how you can do it, Define a proper methodology, Discover the Read More
Perfection is not a one day mastery game. It’s a continuous process which needs to be practiced to elevate the success graph of one’s career. Being a sales manager, it doesn’t get easy for one to determine what shall be the best practice to drive the team and the sales process. Sometimes you would Read More
Take our simple “stress test questionnaire” and discover exactly how effective you are at managing the stressors.

Do the stressors pep you up? or grind you down?

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!