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A/B testing is when you take two variations of a website design or copy and try each one with random customers. There are many services and tools available to simplify A/B testing. Let’s look at how you can integrate this powerful tool into your business to increase revenues.

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I can remember a time when remote work was greatly frowned upon. It was viewed as an opportunity for employees to slack off, take care of kids, or get stuff done around the house—or so everyone thought. In reality, a number of reports now show that remote workers are more productive in the same amo Read More
The massive popularity of Slack has turned daily Slack standups into a must for teams who use the tool as their primary communication platform.

It sounds easy enough, everyone gets on and updates Slack once a day to let the team know what they are working on. But, if you’ve done this for awhile, Read More

How To Get More Facebook Likes: The Beginner's Guide

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Struggling to get more likes on your Facebook page? No problem. Our latest guide will show you how to grow your audience faster. Read More

How Long Before You Start Making Good Money Blogging?

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The answer may not be simple, but with the right guidance, you will get a reasonable timeframe for how long it will take to make money once you start your blog. Read More
Does money solve all problems? In entrepreneurship, there's a limitation to what money can fix. This is why the belief that money solves all problems is very wrong for young entrepreneurs... Read More
Optimized Geek is a podcast full of secret knowledge that will enable you to reboot your life and improve your health, wealth, partner intimacy, peer group, spirit, career, business, and more!
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We know producing, marketing and managing podcast can be a LOT of work. Check out our massive list of podcast tools to your life easier.
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Working from home has its upsides and downsides.
Here's how you can boost your productivity when having a home-based business. Read More
Do you want to streamline your social media marketing tasks?

Looking for tools that will improve content quality and boost productivity?

In this article, you’ll discover 10 Chrome extensions to improve your social media marketing workflows. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!