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ProcessGene is the result of their efforts. It consists of two solutions that enable small businesses to realize the full potential of their business processes. The first one is called ProcessGene BPM Suite and enables businesses to comprehensively manage their business processes. The second one is Read More
Mindflash is a web-based training platform that gives business owners, learning & development professionals and human resources managers the tools they need to create online courses for their employees and clients. These courses can be designed to utilize multiple types of content for learning purp Read More
AIMcrm offers so many tools and capabilities that it would be impossible not to see why it is so beneficial to companies of all sizes and industries. You get automation for your marketing and sales force plus management of your employees and projects. You’ll end up with excellent client satisfactio Read More
We asked Steve Adams, CEO of Fusebill, a few questions about his company and view of the markets they serve.

(...)Business models are increasingly based on selling ongoing subscriptions to customers, not just completing one-off transactions and recurring billing and payments are at the foundatio Read More
ProWorkflow works through tabs; each tab stores information about a different aspect of project management. Broadly, the solution stores information related to project details, tasks assigned, employee time, quotes received from clients and contractors and invoicing. These modules work in conjuncti Read More
Ticket watchers - This is one of the more interesting new features. It enables you to watch out for specific tickets that you are interested in. For example, this might be a ticket that was assigned to you earlier and has a direct bearing on other functionality you support. You can configure the sy Read More
The new enhancements are focused on taking that concept further. According to their press release, the new release are focused on creating friction-free software that is intelligent, intuitive, and interactive. In terms of features, this means that you can look forward to powerful live Gantt charts Read More
The workflow for CallRail works on two levels: external and internal. In the external workflow, visitors to your website are dynamically assigned a phone number (from a pool of pre-configured numbers) when they visit your website. If the visitor calls your business, the phone number (assigned to th Read More
By using Vorex, you can have streamlined opportunities (leads) that develop into projects with s single click, and the ability to assign different employees and management to various projects. This enables you to control all aspects of each project including time spent, and more. Read More
As its name indicates, MuleSoft was created to take the “donkey work” out of SaaS integration. Founder and current chief technology officer at the company, Ross Mason wanted a platform that emphasized ease of development, was flexible, and reused existing components. “I created Mule to bring a mode Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!