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Wikipedia describes OCPD as: “a personality disorder which involves an obsession with perfection, rules, and organization.“ Do you suffer from a "digital" form of this disorder, and if so.. is it killing your productivity? Read More
There is a very clear correlation between a positive work attitude and positive results. It seems that those who maintain a positive attitude (even when things are not necessarily going their way), consistently produce successful work results. Even if they come up short on delivering, having a positive attitude will cover up a multitude of sins. Why you might ask? The answer is simple... Read More
The R.A.N.K. method for blogging is a simple framework that I developed for helping you achieve higher search engine rankings with your blog. While there are many technical tricks in the magic bag of search engine optimization, this method offers some simple guidelines to follow that will help you yield improved search engine results.
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Every now and then, I catch a string of U2 lyrics that are worth discussing in the context of business/self improvement. This may not be their original intent, but these words can be applied to this field none-the-less. The song titled “Cedars of Lebanon“, from the “No Line on the Horizon” release contains such a line... Read More
The only thing that can eclipse the sheer scale and magnitude of the Tiger Woods brand is what he has been able to achieve on the golf course. To be certain, none of these allegations can diminish the successes that he has realized on the links. However, advertisers and sponsors have taken his “superman-like” achievements on the golf course, applied that magic to the image of “Tiger, the man”, Read More
Staying motivated and productive is not always the easiest thing to do. Let's face it. Sometimes (even for highly motivated people) keeping things moving forward professionally and personally feels more like a vertical mountain climb as opposed to a walk in the park. However, it is how we deal with this dip (and how fast we can recover from it) Read More
Too often we get caught up in making grandiose goals and decisions to do something in life, only to find that these intentions never come to fruition. Why? It is because we go through the exercise of thinking about the intention (which is, in itself an important thing to do), but we do not follow that up with any action. Want to be a millionair Read More
The 80/20 principal, also known as Pareto's Law, states that around 80 percent of the effects comes from 20 percent of the causes. In other words, 80 percent of the outputs come from 20 percent of the inputs. So, following this same theory with an online marketing strategy, 20 percent of the online marketing that you are partaking in (be it Soci Read More
If you're one of the many knowledge workers these days who works in an office or cubicle, you have likely encountered one of the following people around lunch time at your job. If you are like me, you are probably at least mildly annoyed by the actions of these people around the lunch hours. I have taken a moment to briefly classify and rant abo Read More
You can register for these courses online, and there is no credit card required. Why not take a class or two on “The Donald”— especially for the price of “on the house”! Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!