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A common perception that our sales team comes across while talking to marketing managers at relatively smaller companies is “we are too small for marketing automation technology or implementing a lead nurturing program”. It's not always easy to break that perception even though a solution like Nurture is just as ideally suited to a small business Read More
Thats right, as much as 16% of the marketing budgets allocated by global B2B companies are reserved for database and direct marketing according to the CMO Council's “Marketing Outlook 2009” report. The findings of this report was published in a story on BtoBOnline Magazine titled “CMO Council report: Many budgets up” by Kate Maddox. Read More
Data Strategy Magazine published reports of a study carried out in the UK by Kalido where they researched companies with a turnover higher than $500 million and found less than half of the respondents satisfied with their database quality. In the report Data Strategy Magazine published: Read More
When you sit down to discuss the marketing goals for the year, you usually have some plan laid out where for example a campaign will be designed consisting of 9 email based reach outs spread out 3 weeks apart across a database of 10,000 prospects. However, unless its a pre defined campaign programmed in your marketing automation or lead nurturing Read More
Why Last Few Minutes Before The Webinar are important? Essential Tip for Webinar Marketing campaigner. Read More
In one respect, the salesforce announcement showcases how large companies - especially those who interact with consumers - can engage with their customers faster and more efficiently than they could via a call center. From a larger viewpoint, the announcement also illustrates another way that cloud computing is enabling companies to react to techn Read More
Targeting large companies always requires going that extra mile in terms of preparing the pre sales data and sales intelligence which includes knowing the right set of decision makers. When it comes to these larger accounts knowing just one or two high level decision makers is barely enough to crack into them and get discussions moving. The same a Read More
I was going through the Phone Works Inside Sales Compensation Report - Q4 2008 which got me thinking how outsourcing or contracting a solutions provider like ReadyContacts for certain areas of inside sales such as lead qualification can really help curb costs. The survey and report by Phone Works is quite comprehensive and good to go through espec Read More
A great explanation of why tracking social marketing data is important. Read More
ReadyContacts is a website that provides something called 'B2B Marketing Database Management'. You might have been left wondering by this stage what on earth does that mean, and trust me; you are not the only one! Here's how it works, what you do is subscribe to their service and send them a list of target accounts you would like them to find co Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!