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During any sales process in Business-to-Business there are warning signs or situations that indicate it is becoming clear you are losing the sales deal. Read More
As a B2B lead data company we take marketing and business contacts databases very seriously and and lay a lot of stress on keeping them in shape, updated and periodically cleansed. Yet, when you put things across in the perspective that Jon Miller did in his recent blog post on the Marketo Blog titled “Unleash Your House Database with Lead Nurturi Read More

The Recession Will Drive Sales Farmers to Lead Hunters Again

The Recession Will Drive Sales Farmers to Lead Hunters Again - Avatar Posted by mona19 under Marketing
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If you have been in Sales with the same company since several years you have become more an account manager for your regular customers providing you with a steady income. Due to the recession, the outlook for 2009 is grim. You will need revenue from new customers as your existing customers will not bring enough revenue. Read More
When it comes to sources of business contacts as leads there are a number of different options. They are among the most valuable commodities in business to business sales and marketing and when you're out shopping for them, you'll notice they come in different packages. Pay once for unlimited use - This is the kind of pricing model which needs a o Read More
Geoff Alexander of Geoff Alexander & Company did a really great post titled “Vertical Marketing: Discovering a new prospect world by reinventing your message” which is a brilliant strategy to focus your sales and marketing efforts on specific verticals that you have had success working with in the past and make the most of that experience. Read More
Thats right, 51,800 companies ranging from fortune 500 giants to small startup businesses, that show many customers has according to their latest press release dated 5th January 2009. Thats not a customer base, that is a market! Read More
As we kick off the New Year, we're typically in an “out with the old, in with the new” mindset. While that may be true for a lot of things, it doesn't have to be the case for your marketing database. As we ponder in 2009 how to do more with Read More
Listening is important and will set you up for success in your social marketing, if you are in any type of marketing role you must become a good listener because: Read More
A strong opinion or statement can invoke an equally strong challenge and thats one of the wonders of blogging. It's also what just happened today when the marketing team at Hubspot posted a strong email to Stephen Kearney at United State Postal Service insisting direct mail is dying. Read More
It's back to the office and back to work for most of us after the holidays. Its time to kick off the new year with some serious selling and everyone is charged up to drive more revenues this year. If you have been making resolutions for 2009 and any of them involve better practices to generate more leads and generate more revenues Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!