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There are many things about modern buying that frustrate, even annoy, salespeople. Top of the list is buying rules and procedures. In this whitepaper we will look at rules and procedures from the buyer's perspective. In doing so, we will see that sellers should learn to play by the rules. Read More
Salespeople who understand the buyer more, sell more. That is clear to see from our benchmarking data, as well as our direct experience. But an intellectual understanding of the buying decision is no longer enough... Read More
Will proposed changes to public procurement regulations at EU level, make it easier, or more difficult to win public sector contracts? In this article we review the various changes to public procurement that are presently being considered. Read More
Today's buyers are hell-bent on cutting cost. However for sellers that need not be all bad news. In this whitepaper you will find out how cost reduction is something that can now unite, rather than divide buyer and seller. Read More
We've spent a lot of time talking about our project management process, but we're here to talk about our selling process. I'm not clear what it is, or why we need to have one. Can you share your ideas about this? Read More
Buyers have a new obsession. It is called ‘benefits realization’, or alternatively ‘benefits delivery’. They have lost faith that promises made before the sale will actually materialize and are determined to intervene to ensure that they do. But if buyers are focused on benefits realization, then s Read More

Are We Speaking The Customer's Language?

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As sales people, we want to maximize our impact on the customer. We want to make sure our customers understand us and that we understand the customer. It's not the customer's job to speak our language---we have to speak the customer's language. Read More
The lack of marketing and sales alignment can be crippling. From a sales point of view, here are five points for marketing to keep in mind as both teams strive to work better together. Read More
We have been working with the sales team of a very large organization to revisit sales priorities, improve sales effectiveness and reinvigorate sales activity. Read More
Few buyers approach the purchase decision without some estimate of what they are likely to have to spend. That estimate, whether it is well informed, or not, has a major impact on eventual price negotiations with the seller... Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!