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Pinterest, the popular social media pinning platform, once had the reputation of mainly being preferred by women. But that’s no longer the case. Recently, the site posted a list of pin topics that are popular with men, women and both.
If your business is one that targets men, but you would still l Read More
One reason I love writing about retailing for Small Business Trends is that I love shopping — and as a frequent shopper, I can attest that the state of retail fitting rooms is frequently flat-out dreadful.
For over a decade, one major retailer that I frequent has been in the news for its struggles Read More
Just over a month ago, the FAA announced that all drone owners would be required to register their devices. Now, it has released information about the number of drones registered in the first month. This news and more, including a new cloud software and website building tool, is included below in t Read More
Small businesses are hopeful about growth this year according to the new State of Small Business Report by software solutions provider, Wasp Barcode Technologies.
The study says 71 percent of small businesses expect revenue growth, although 50 percent of small business owners said hiring new emplo Read More
Many companies spend a lot of time with their email marketing campaigns to engage their email list subscribers. Over time engagement levels trend downwards and it is up to you to engage your email subscribers before losing them. There is value in investing in re-engagement campaigns as investing in Read More
Are you wondering why people unfollow your Instagram account? Read on to find out the 10 best possible reasons why! Read More
Use Google Trends to determine the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election! Okay...maybe not exactly, but there's definitely a correlation between Google Search and the election polls. Read More

10 Important Things You Can Do To Be A Good Customer

10 Important Things You Can Do To Be A Good Customer  - Avatar Posted by RossKimbarovsky under Marketing
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As customers, we often put our expectations in the hands of the customer service team. How do you, the customer, take charge of your own experience? 10 good tips here. Read More
Unplanned growth in a business can lead to chaotic implementation and very disappointing results. Knowing what the signs are that the time for growth is approaching will help ensure that the expansion is well researched and thoroughly planned before implementation. Read More
The law regarding sales tax, SaaS and cloud services is all over the map. Colorado levies sales tax on software only to the extent delivered on a tangible medium. Texas generally taxes SaaS and other cloud services, but as a “data processing service” and not as a sale. South Carolina regards SaaS a Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!