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So what these credit companies are looking at is in approximately 3 to 4 months driving my credit score down so much that I would stop caring about it. Then, an interesting thing happens - once you stop caring about your credit score, you realize that you can just stop paying credit cards, free up a lot of cash, stop answering calls from credit car Read More
An article by Jeff Cornwall at The Entrepreneurial mind, referencing 'accidental' entrepreneurs' stories. Click the full view story to see their profiles and business success stories. Read More
Whether you've just started a small, home-based business or have millions in sales, you must be aware of and comply with advertising laws. Read More
Due to the downturn, is growth slowing in your home market? Do you have any particular advantage over your competitors' businesses both online and offline -- locally and globally? Read More
In reading the news about Bank of America shareholders voting to strip Ken Lewis of his chairmanship title I wondered whether small companies need to think about such things. In small companies where the founder is typically CEO and chairman of the board, should those titles be separated? John May, chairman emeritus of the Angel Capital Associatio Read More
Everybody's raving (if I still can use this expression in '09) about online tools: social media, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and getting on the front page of Digg. While not even remotely contesting the overall usefulness of each of these tools I'd like to take a step back and look at them from a different perspective. Many small business owners (my Read More
To compete today and thrive tomorrow, midsized businesses will need more dynamic infrastructures. The reasons are everywhere. Businesses, people and governments around the globe are becoming increasingly interconnected. Computing is now embedded into everything from RFID tags to automobiles. All of these connections result in the creation and excha Read More
Since netbooks are designed to be light on processing power and hard disk space, they are not ideal devices for running full scale applications. However, by accessing these applications, which are on your desktop (office) computer, through a remote access program, you might get more out of your netbook than you think. Read More
There is often a debate on whether marketers should focus on developing and cleaning their existing data or spend more time and budget acquiring new data? Get Answer Here, interview of Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions Read More
5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Market Research: When launching a new company, researching the market is a must. Here's how to get started. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!