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WordPress is an Open Source program, which lets your to manage your content online. Installing WordPress online is a simple process which takes less than 5 minutes to install. However installing WordPress on a Local Computer gives you more flexibility to test new themes and plugins on a Windows env Read More
Google Docs allows you to create and edit documents online to share it with friends, colleagues or publicly in real time. Google Docs supports various file formats like Microsoft files, Adobe files or even AutoCAD file types. You can access and manage all your documents online from the web browser. Read More
Google Plus recently got an extreme overhaul with some amazing features like adding cover photos and joining public hangouts. But one thing I personally didn’t liked is the amount of “Whitespace”. Although the white space has many uses [Read here]. But the whitespace almost spoils the viewing exper Read More
Last year, Facebook added permalinks to the comments plugin many organizations use to incorporate commenting functionality in their websites, blogs, and community forums. However, the company decided not to introduce a version of the feature for its main site. Read More
Looking for forum or community plugins for wordpress? Then look no further, try one of these great plugins! Read More
WordPress allows bloggers to set custom permalink structure by adding post dates in the permalinks making it look more organized in nature. The main advantage of using dates in the permalink is that it provides immediate information about the article freshness, when was it published. Also it create Read More
A page displays a 404 page when the page has been deleted or moved due to change in permalinks. And because of this a user normally leaves the page or closes the tab, if they don’t find what they are actually looking for. This will effect your blog readership and also search engine traffic. Yes, yo Read More
WordPress is definitely the best CMS available. But it still has some loopholes in terms of security which can be easily exploited by a hacker. And that’s why WordPress provide regular security updates and patches to prevent hacker from exploiting Read More
Now that its paperwork has been filed with the SEC, Facebook is gearing up for what will undoubtedly be the biggest IPO the tech world has seen since rival Google went public back in 2004. It is a development that Read More
Blogging is one of the most common activities on the Internet, with over 156 million public blogs available in 2011. Nearly anyone can start a blog on any topic or subject. But when it comes to blogging, there is generally Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!