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New media is more about video content. We have seen the YouTube sensation, followed by Facebook Timeline videos and Netflix. B2B Marketing has garnered maximum ROI on videos than copy content. In this article, we have devised 9 awesome video marketing strategies and why it should be utilized by mar Read More
The latest marketing buzzword to appear in the 21st century, it is projected that 75% of brands will make use of influencer marketing as part of their strategy in 2017. Read More
Flores is a WordPress designer and developer who offers a variety of services including design, development, blog and site coaching, content creation, marketing and SEO. She also applies that knowledge to her own blog,, where she shares tips about blogging and website management. Read More
Mail Prospects global business directory is a portfolio of business professionals, investors, users and customers who are associated with Industries in the USA.

With more than 27 million small businesses and 18,000 firms located; we customize data backed with source of customer data. Get a Mail Read More
Millennials aren't happy. Here are a few things you can do to create a culture that answers to the needs of each employee in your business. Read More
Repurposing your Facebook Lives on YouTube is a good idea. But why aren't you getting traction? Maybe you even started going live on your YouTube channel or uploading videos after a long hiatus. You might be lucky to get 15 views. Here's why. It's because most marketers and podcasters are making so Read More
“The quintessence of strategizing any brand is cleverly opting out things not to be done.”

Today’s witty marketers have left none of the marketing dimensions as unexplored. With high levels of marketing research and smart implementation of apt strategies, brands are able to establish well. Onlin Read More
E-commerce and publication businesses are the ones who has bulk Opt-in lists, owing to their subscriptions.However, to reduce the bounce rate in email deliverability, they need to adopt a practice of appending data. Read More
As marketers, if you can run the most productive lead generation campaign and if those leads don’t change over into business openings and deals, then it’s just nothing. Studies prove that, in terms of engagement, lead nurturing emails pound on an individual email that impacts in the future. Read More
Email, being the powerful channel for direct marketing is indeed tricky as marketing professionals find lead generation challenging with the growing demand is business development. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!