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It's a great idea to TEST a domain name before building a whole web site around it. How do you do that inexpensively?

Watch this short video for my recommended strategies for domain name testing. These domain name testing strategies can help you choose between multiple domains to find the domain name most likely to attract customers and help your site's SEO, too.

Of course, you can buy domain names based on your "gut instinct", but there are smarter, cost-effective market research tactics to test and choose between domain names using Google Adwords and Facebook advertising that can help you improve your return-on-investment.

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At now you can get emails about free teleseminars and webinars in any field that interests you. It's a great free way to improve your professional skills and learn new skills, too. is a free service to help you learn about the latest free webinars and teleseminars. (And you can announce, list, and promote your own free training events there, too!)

Major Upgrade!
We have finally introduced "categories" into the email lists. So now, instead of getting ALL the free teleseminar and webinar listings in every email, you can PICK and CHOOSE precisely the subject categories that are most useful to you!

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I don't want you wasting your valuable time putting up a web site that nobody wants or sourcing products that not enough people are going to buy.

How to find customers before you start a new website business or launch a new product is the focus of this video.
Watch this short video to learn why you’re doing it WRONG if you start with building a store and supplying it with products.

Instead use these 4 "Customer Mind Reading" market research techniques to find paying customers FIRST.

These strategies can show you how to find demand, how to increase sales and how to lower risk in online marketing and e-business.

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Listen here for this week's podcast of the free LIVE Click Millionaires Show.
Topics include answers to lots of your questions about:
* My easiest SEO tip
* What is Article Spinning?
* How to easily calculate Adsense ads revenue splits for your blog * The best Social Network services to build a business on
* Where to get Free Photos for your blog
* How to stop carpal tunnel syndrome with a Trackball mouse, and more...

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It's up to you make the most of your limited time - step up, step out, and make it happen.

Watch this short 4 minute video for details on my motivational challenge for you. It includes some of my tips on how you can take care of #1 and make the most out of your "dash".

What do you think of this "success sermon" video? Is this perspective helpful to you? What are you doing to "maximize your dash"?

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Wondering how to write a Privacy Policy for your web site without paying lawyers a fortune?

4 easy and cheap ways to create an effective Privacy Policy are detailed in this short video clip from The Click Millionaires Online Success Show.

If you're looking for a cost-effective Privacy Policy for your web site, this video has the answers you need - no expensive attorneys required!

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Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business.

But what are VAs, what do they do, and how much do they cost?

Join Scott Fox as he interviews an "all-star" panel of Virtual Assistants to answer the Top Ten Questions you have about how to hire a virtual assistant to grow your business online.

Learn the secrets of finding and profitably partnering with virtual assistants, and about the many tasks VAs can help you with that free your time to focus on what you do best!

The weekly Click Millionaires Show podcast from features best-selling online marketing expert and author, Scott Fox, sharing e-commerce strategy tips, online marketing strategies, book reviews, and the inspiration to help you make more money online.
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To start a successful online store and make more money from e-commerce sales, here are 4 easy design tips to increase conversions and online sales.

Adding photographs, personality, email collection, and SEO can all help you attract more visitors and increase sales of your online shop.

Watch this short 6 minute video for details of these helpful sales conversion tips that can grow your sales online.

This is a short video clip from my Click Millionaires Online Success Show. Please tune in to catch me LIVE on Tuesdays at 2pm ET at or subscribe to my YouTube channel or my free email list for updates!

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Being "different" can be painful, slow your career, even damage your relationships. But times are changing...

Now you have more opportunity than ever before to define success on your own terms - rejecting the "cookie cutter success" promoted in corporate cubicles and TV commercials.

Instead of allowing your differences or insecurities to handicap you, today I'd like to encourage you to use your differences as competitive advantages in your online business.

Watch this short "Success Sermon" Video to learn how I believe your "differences" can help you succeed.

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How to make money with affiliate marketing was the #1 question from my members in a recent member poll.

If you would like to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, too, you will enjoy this free podcast. Or visit for more details.

It’s an exclusive (and rare!) interview with Dr. Ken Evoy, Founder and Chairman of Site Sell, Inc., the company behind the excellent affiliate program for their popular web site building and training service, Site Build It.

This free interview (and the fr-ee Site Build It! affiliate training) is full of great marketing strategies you can apply to ANY affiliate marketing program that you like. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!