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Much is being said about lead generation as the life-blood of your business. Is it really? Here's the most critical component of your network marketing business. Read More
If you want to gain confidence and become the entrepreneur that you know you can be, check out this must have list of resources for entrepreneurs. Read More

Is the Internet BROKEN? (Video)

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Broken. That's what many new e-commerce website owners think when their sites don't make them as much money as they hoped.

But often the problem is not the Internet but the design of their websites.

For example, it's hard to make money online when your e-commerce store doesn't use an e-comm Read More
Both AdSense pay-per-click advertising and affiliate marketing can make you money online. But which ad strategy is best?

This video covers the pros and cons of Google's AdSense PPC ads vs. making money from Affiliate ads, including my recommended strategies for your website.

Both Adsense PP Read More
Recommended Blogs - Here's Part Two of my "exclusive" video report from Blogworld Expo.

Watch this new video to meet some of the niche bloggers I met.

Plus, get recommendations on the best new blogs that THEY read, too. (You'll see some fresh new faces and some already famous ones, too!)
Read More
This past weekend took me to BlogWorld in Los Angeles to meet some bloggers, and podcasters, too.

Here's Part One of a my "exclusive" video report from Blogworld.

Watch to see what I found and some of the cool bloggers I met.

(You'll see some fresh new faces and some already famous ones Read More
The world's first podcasting flight attendant joins me to share the secrets of her podcasting lifestyle business success.

The "Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase" podcast has built a big internet radio audience by sharing the funny and crazy things that happen "behind the scenes" on airplanes!
Read More
Tips on positive thinking - It can help you keep your focus by teaching you to concentrate on what you can accomplish. Read More
How to form a partnership and how to pick a partner are common startup business questions. Finding a partner can help accelerate your e-business growth but it can also be dangerous.

For example, be careful about using the word "partner". That implies a 50/50 split before you even have the discu Read More
A while back I received a discouraging note from an entrepreneur with a patent and a medical software application who couldn’t find a dime of investment, and was grousing that seed funding just wasn’t available anymore. After exchanging a couple of notes, I concluded that she was more likely a vict Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!