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The best niche keywords are difficult to find, especially if your web site is in a competitive industry niche.

There are many expensive keyword research tools, but are they worth the money? So how much keyword research is enough? How many key words do you need and what is the best keyword research tool today?

Watch this video for my suggestions on a simple way to solve niche keyword research problems and how to optimize SEO keywords for your web site, too. Read More
This free podcast of the Click Millionaires Success Show brings you more helpful business-building info based on your questions:

- How to make money with Banner Ads, including my 4 Levels of Advertising Strategy
- The easiest way how to start a Contest web site
- Are SEO Consultants worth the trouble?
- How to write a Privacy Policy without paying for lawyer
- The quickest marketing improvement strategy EVER
- How your differences can help you succeed online (finally!)
and more...

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How much does building a web site cost?

If you're looking for the most cost-effective web site building options for you, this Ask Scott Fox video can help.

Watch this short video for my answer including the costs of free web site hosting services Wordpress, Weebly, and Blogger, plus the costs of paid web site builders like Typepad, Wix, Citymax, and more.

These are all cost-effective web site building hosting services you can use to start a new web site business online. There are LOTS of web site building services out there today.

If you would like more e-business help, join for more expert online marketing advice and personal coaching from best-selling author and e-commerce expert, Scott Fox Read More
What's slowing the growth of your e-business?

I'll bet your #1 problem is YOU!

As a follow-up to my popular recent blog post about "Fake Progress", watch this short video for the 10 "time sinks" that I'll bet are slowing you down, too.

Watch this one for a friendly kick in the pants!

Do you recognize these bad habits in yourself? Which ones are you most guilty o Read More
Are you ashamed of where you went to school? Or embarassed by not having gone to the "right" school?

I don't think where you went to school matters as much as people pretend. I'm also not a big fan of measuring your success by material goods or "keeping up with the neighbors".

Why? Because the advantages of a Harvard education or other supposed achievements don't necessarily make you any happier, or more able to help others either.

How to Find Success Today without a Harvard Degree

I believe that you have more to offer than that, and in this short "Success Sermon" video I share why I don't care if you went to Harvard (or not!).

This clip is another Success Sermon from Read More
Becoming a Virtual Assistant could be the new work from home job you have been seeking.

Today Virtual Assistant VAs work from home to make money online part-time and with flexible schedules focused on projects that they like and choose.

How to start as a Virtual Assistant so that you can help businesses worldwide work smarter and more cost-effectively?

Listen to Scott Fox interview 3 successful Virtual Assistant "All Stars" for their best tips on how to get started as a Virtual Assistant and how to make money as a VA in today's economy.

The weekly Click Millionaires Show from features best-selling online marketing expert and author, Scott Fox, sharing e-commerce strategy tips, online marketing strategies, book reviews, and the inspiration to help you make more money online. Read More
Selling Digital Downloads like ebooks, PDFs, and MP3s can be very profitable. Would you like to learn how to sell digital downloads, too?

Watch this short video to learn about my recommendations for how to make money selling digital files online.

Vendor recommendations in this video include Paypal, Payloadz, eJunkie, Quick Shopping Cart, and as good options for how to sell downloads.

This video clip is from the weekly update for members of my private online marketing coaching community at If you would like this kind of personalized advice to help you make more money online, you can join Click Millionaires today with a free trial at Read More
How to make money with affiliate marketing was the #1 question from my members in a recent member poll.

If you would like to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, too, you will enjoy this free podcast. It’s an exclusive (and rare!) interview with Dr. Ken Evoy, Founder and Chairman of Site Sell, Inc., the company behind the excellent affiliate program for their popular web site building and training service, Site Build It.

This free podcast interview will help you learn how I became a top-converting Site Build It affiliate and why I recommend you check out the SBI affiliate program, too. Read More
How to get radio interviews is a common public relations question, especially for authors, experts, publicists, and marketers.

You can learn how to get booked for free radio publicity interviews as an interview guest to promote your product or book on radio show interviews, if you follow these 3 steps. Read More
The 4th of July is my favorite holiday because it commemorates the founding of the biggest startup ever - the United States of America.

225 years ago today, there was no "USA". But that painfully underfunded 13 colony "startup" turned into one of the best-performing IPOs ever, didn't it?

Independence Day should be called Entrepreneurs Day! This quick video explains why I think July 4 is important for entrepreneurs: It was only through the hard-to-imagine risks and unprecedented imagination of our Founding Fathers (and Mothers!), that we enjoy many of the freedoms we today take for granted. And it's those same freedoms that allow you to pursue your dreams of personal independence and financial success, too.

This is a short video clip from my live or join me in the discussion Forum at any time. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!