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It's not easy to move from Linux Mint 19.3 to 20. Follow these steps and you can migrate successfully to the latest and greatest version of the best Linux desktop. Read More
We love our gadgets and new tech, but sometimes we -- or their makers -- get way too excited about them. Sometimes, though, great successes emerge from these failures. Read More
As usual, Linux Mint's latest release, Mint 20, is better than ever, but its developers' refusal to make it easy to use Ubuntu Snap is a trifle annoying. Read More
You wouldn’t put together a band where all four musicians played the guitar. Somebody needs to drum and sing. Similarly, QA teams need specialists across a range of skill sets and experience. And that’s just one of the rock-and-roll lessons that creative teams can learn.
Read More
Dirk Hohndel and Linus Torvalds talked about Linux developers, hardware, and coding in their latest, and first virtual Linux conversation. Read More
Managing cloud costs and making the most from cloud services is a full-time job, but thanks to the FinOps Foundation, you don't have to go it on your own. Read More
Your company spends millions on the cloud, but how well does it actually perform? Thanks to a new cloud benchmarking program from Principled Technologies, you can finally find out. Read More
Commentary: Microsoft had an aggressive monopoly on both the PC operating system and web browsers in the '90s. Apple, while no bit player, owns only 13.7% of the global smartphone market. Still, Cupertino's tactics sure ring a bell. Read More
Telecommuting requires new interpersonal skills. That is especially true if you’re trying to stay on the boss’s radar or earn a promotion. Without brainstorming sessions and spontaneous coffee klatches, workers need to find new ways to strut their stuff and get noticed. Keeping your head down and f Read More
With the coronavirus pandemic making working from home more popular than ever, business-class Chromebooks are coming to the forefront. Need a serious Chromebook for serious business? Then one of these four should meet your needs. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!