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If you want to maximize the sale of a business, you need to create a self sustaining model so your new buyer can run the business and make a profit. It is easier to sell when you create a self sustaining business with automated work flow systems working. Read More
The old saying does not apply to sales or sales leadership: in sales words can kill; kill deals, companies and careers. Read More
Let's face it: professionals hate selling. Consultants hate selling. Architects and surveyors hate selling. Accountants hate selling. And lawyers: lawyers really hate selling. And we don't just hate the act of selling. Many of us hate the entire concept of selling. We feel it's beneath us. It's demeaning. We're experts in our field — we Read More
Successful international business professionals learn to become good at multitasking. Most of the multitasking involved is in listening in different ways to their international clients. And the reason for multitasking is to get a global vision. Read More
To maintain clarity in cross-cultural selling you need strong listening skills. When selling to different cultures you need to listen for several things at the same time. And it is not just about listening. You will often find you need to adjust your communication to stay in alignment with the conversation as a whole. Read More
When you are writing copy for marketing or sales, keeping the text and images relevant to the contact is one of the best ways to increase readership and response. Keep focused on the reader and you will win. Read More
Earlier in the week I promised to share an “old school” tactic that I use to overcome negative thoughts and emotions. I'll start by admitting there is one main thing that affects my attitude. I expect to produce massive results and make a lot of money. At points where I am not producing these giant results, I find myself fighting negative frust Read More
This is a collection of blogs that I follow to keep abreast of new ideas for sales and marketing. Read More
Today on our walk we look at the impact of how you sell on your brand equity. Read More
Written communication can be difficult to get right when selling to different cultures. Yet the right touches of written communication within your sales process can help you establish good international business relationships. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!