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International salespeople learn to develop cultural skills to evaluate when and how to deliver information and explanations to different cultures. In international sales, salespeople do not simply explain things, they also get people to want to listen to them. They rely on strong cross-cultural communication skills. Read More
What makes a selling process work? The strategy behind it. And by definition, strategy is not random. So why are some salespeople so random in their approach to selling? Read More
Cultural differences usually create negative reactions. When we do not understand these differences, they become trust and credibility barriers and can even end sales discussions. Everyone prefers to do business with people they like. Here are the two sides you need to look at. Read More
Here are ways to find out if a salesperson is suffering from PTSD, post traumatic SALES disorder. Read More
A key sales best practice is thorough preparation. In international sales there are additional reasons why preparation is critical. These reasons are because of cross-cultural differences and the extra explanations you need to make. Read More
Used properly and consistently, client meeting agendas can both minimize risk and improve the flow of a sale. Read More

What is your definition of "International Business"?

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A look at the definition of international business. Are "International Business" & "Global Business" the same thing? When determining whether a business is international or not, and when comparing how one business could be "more international" than another, perhaps the best thing is to look at the company's mindset. Read More
We've all known people who showed some of these signs; and they probably shouldn't have been in the sales profession. Read More
When cross-cultural challenges effect international sales, remember that we all respond to stories. When prospective clients hear a story where they can identify themselves, this usually brings questions to the surface and opens the dialog. Read More
The fine line between real Customer Service and just service is what differentiates great companies from good, and get Customers to leave the service companies. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!