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When it comes to social media marketing, and in this case Facebook, your business goal isn't to get likes and shares, it's to do sales!

For that reason every post should have a clear purpose. Ask yourself, "What is the goal of this post?" and "How does it relate to my business goals?". If you ca Read More

How to Create an Effective About-me Page

How to Create an Effective About-me Page - http://basicblogtips.com Avatar Posted by Ileane under Online Marketing
From http://basicblogtips.com 521 days ago
Made Hot by: sophia2 on June 13, 2017 11:19 am
This is an amazing guest post from Ann Smarty!
What makes a good about page? Does it make me a massive geek that I find About pages interesting? I can't help it, I just love the things. When I find one that is fun and innovative I am pleased. When I see one that has next to no info and no creativi Read More
Not ready for a full-blown Customer Success Managment Platform? Checkout the Customer Success Stack, it was built with you and your needs in mind.
Read More
Most business leaders today realize that smart management of scarce resources is the key to competitive success. That’s why they manage money so carefully. Yet the truth is that a more scarce resource is really the time, talent, and energy of your team. Leaders who are able to optimize these find m Read More

Top 5 Personal Development Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Personal Development Podcasts for Entrepreneurs - http://www.bizepic.com Avatar Posted by previsomedia under Self-Development
From http://www.bizepic.com 635 days ago
Made Hot by: robinandy58 on February 18, 2017 2:22 pm
I've assembled this list based on their no-bull attitude toward delivering information, mixed with just a smidgen of entertainment and perhaps a few tears — Jocko knows how to get the waterworks going!

Take a listen to just one and you'll see just what a quality list of podcasts this is for entr Read More
For those days when your creative juices have run dry and you feel like you’re about to turn into a zombie in a suit, here are a few tips on how you could help bring life back into that old office! Read More

Fifty editors at Wikipedia ban Daily Mail based on some anecdotes

Fifty editors at Wikipedia ban Daily Mail based on some anecdotes  - http://jackyan.com Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
From http://jackyan.com 639 days ago
Made Hot by: logistico on February 18, 2017 11:52 pm
How right Kalev Leetaru is on Wikipedia’s decision to ban The Daily Mail as a source.
This decision, he concludes, was made by a cabal of 50 editors based on anecdotes.
I’ve stated before on this blog how Wikipedia is broken, the abusive attitude of one of its editors, and how eve Read More
A study into the uses and effectiveness of Twitter as a support channel. Is it just used to calm angry users, or is it to meet customers on their own level?
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While it’s impossible to predict how the social media marketing landscape will change over the course of a year, here are six key social media trends marketers should keep an eye on in 2017. Read More
Video Sharing Sites in 2016 aren’t just limited to only YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo; perhaps a lot of online video hosting websites has been developed in meanwhile like Youtube. Read More
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