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As a one-person small business or home business how sure can you be that your business will survive if you are temporarily unable to work?

This is particularly relevant if your customer base is “off the street” trade or you are a provider of services or products to repeat customers. Read More
If your startup doesn't want to hire a full-time marketer, here's some advice on getting help from a contractor, freelancer or consultant. Read More
This upcoming year should prove to offer a few landmark shifts in search—notably, I’m looking at these seven new trends: Read More
Headlines are THE biggest factor in creating shareworthy posts and other web content like vlogs and podcasts. The headline is your customer’s portal into the escape you’re offering them. And it has to speak to their interests and the interests of those in their online social groups in order to insp Read More
This article is not about stimulating front line issues such as raising finances or trying to penetrate new markets that Home Business owners have to resolve.

It is about getting to grips with those mundane, but equally as important, back office issues that are so often left on the back burner. Read More
The internet’s a vast and wonderful resource, unfortunately it’s also full of useless and time wasting sites. below is a list of 10 truly useful websites that may never have heard of. Read More
What makes entrepreneurs tick?
While there’s likely no definitive answer, Hiscox Insurance recently released its 7th annual “DNA of an Entrepreneur” report which contains a lot of interesting insights.
There is a lot of good news for American entrepreneurs in the report — U.S. small businesses ar Read More
People are visual creatures, and in order to catch someone’s attention online, you need to have something that’s going to engage them within a split second. Due to the amount of visual traffic and clutter people need to siphon through to find something they like, you’re potentially competing with h Read More
Many new start-up entrepreneurs will consider approaching their ex-employer as a possible means of securing that first sale. However, there are several issues which need to be considered. This article explores these potentially contentious issues Read More
A key aspect to great leadership is the ability to empower others and develop their leadership skills. As Ralph Nader says; “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” The first step in developing leaders is to delegate tasks and for that you need to be able to let Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!