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The first time a “You won a $1,000,000” showed up in my mailbox, my sales and marketing mind was piqued. Opening this treasure revealed I had not won anything yet and might only win a car or digital clock with a shortwave radio that doesn’t work. The pitch unfolded to a litany of stuff Read More
While sales and customers are changing, and sales people need to evolve to stay relevant, it is too optimistic to suggest that REAL sales professionals will be extinct soon. Craig looks at things impacting sales and what you sales professionals should do in response. Read More
The persistence that your dream client will later value when applied to the outcomes you promised can sometimes damage relationships. How to know where the line is. Read More

Yet Another Signal That “Every h-Rep Needs An e-Rep”

Yet Another Signal That “Every h-Rep Needs An e-Rep”  - http://ypsgroup.com Avatar Posted by tyoungbl under Sales
From http://ypsgroup.com 4162 days ago
Made Hot by: Monsieur Eraser on May 15, 2011 8:04 am
Dreamland Interactive, a business partner of The YPS Group, took a major step in its ability to deliver e-Rep content development services. Their new radio studio in Atlanta, GA was specifically designed to support business talk radio and help clients solve the prospecting problem. Read More
Even though you want to focus on obtaining the future commitment you need, that outcome comes through your focus on the sales interaction you are now engaged in. Read More
Congratulations! All of your homework and follow up has paid off! You landed the first meeting with your prospect. Join us and learn how to not just stay inside, but move through your sales process with Gary S. Hart. Read More

The Path to Referrals

The Path to Referrals - http://thesalesblog.com Avatar Posted by iannarino under Sales
From http://thesalesblog.com 4165 days ago
Made Hot by: jkennedy on May 10, 2011 2:47 pm
The way to build referrals and referenceable clients is to win dream clients and then to perform for them. You must do work worth sharing with others. Read More
While it is important for a sales person to advocate for the client, they have to sell to the client. Too many sales people spend time and energy selling the deal to their managers instead of the buyer. Read More
If you have trouble coming up with a couple of posts a week, I believe that one of two things is true (or perhaps both are true). Read More
Every now and then I come across something that instantly makes me stop whining about my challenges and troubles. Makes me feel like a jerk for complaining about things. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!