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Despite the fact that Windows Phones are not that popular like iPhones or Android phones, you may find lots of great apps that might be very useful for small business owners and freelancers. So if you own a Windows Phone, check these 24 top apps to see what you haven't still discover for yourself. Read More
InvoiceBerry released its second free ebook! This time you will have a chance to get full guidance through the process of establishing your own cleaning business: from earning the necessary knowledge to promoting your services. Check it out if you have an idea to start your own cleaning business! Read More
If you are a small business owner or a freelancer, you should know basic invoicing and financial terms to be able to manage your finances. Even if you have a professional accountant, it is important to understand what exactly your financial situation is to be able to build your business strategy. Read More
It is time to relax after the overwhelming past week and catch up with the news concerning small businesses and freelancers that you might have missed. What the study by JPMorgan Chase has revealed about the US small businesses, what small businesses need to know about the new iOS 10, and much more Read More
Choosing the perfect bank for your small business is a very difficult task: too many expectations, details, and offers. To make it a little bit easier, we prepared an overview of the top 6 Canadian banks that could be very suitable for small businesses. Have a look if you run a business in Canada! Read More
An invoice can be not only a financial document, but a tool to stand out of the crowd of other small businesses and freelancers. These creative and colourful Photoshop invoice template are available absolutely for free. Don't loose the opportunity to show your individuality to your clients! Read More
Keeping small business finances in order is crucial for any kind of business. When all responsibility is on the shoulders of a small business owner, it might be very complicated to deal with it. However, these 9 easy finance tips might make your work with finances more productive. Check them out! Read More
Being a small business owner or a freelancer takes a lot of time, and it might be quite difficult to stay updated with all the important news of the business world. Have a look at this roundup to learn why the US small business owners support raising the minimum wage, and other crucial news. Read More
Cleaning might appear as a burden for some people, but not for you. If you agree, then you might find an idea to start your own cleaning business quite attractive. Of course, it is difficult to understand how to start and what to do next, so this blog post will guide through all the main steps. Read More
It sounds unbelievable, but 100 million businesses are "started up" every year. It means over 3 businesses a second, attracting $1,532 venture capital a second. But is it all really necessary? Read about the venture capital dilemma and false needs of startups to be aware of everything about startup Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!