FAQs About BizSugar

What is BizSugar?

BizSugar is a social sharing, bookmarking and networking site for small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. BizSugar gives you a place to share your blog posts, videos, articles, podcasts and other content. You also get to view and vote on submissions by other Members.

Why Should I Participate at BizSugar?

BizSugar adds value in 5 ways. It helps you to:

1. Learn -- BizSugar focuses exclusively on small businesses with 0 to 100 employees. That means all content is relevant to starting, owning, running, managing or growing a business. Sure, we love funny cat videos like the next person - but there are hundreds of places online for that. There are far fewer places to find a large volume of quality small-business content in one place, like at BizSugar.

2. Save time -- The content is curated by discerning business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs who love to read business blogs and articles, and watch business videos. BizSugar Members vote on Member-submitted content, to advance the most useful tips, advice, ideas and news to the home page. From there the top stories make it into the BizSugar Top Stories widget, weekly Top 10 newsletter, and Twitter feed. That makes it easier to find the best and most relevant content, curated by your peers. You spend more time enjoying life and less time searching. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the massive amount of business information online, then BizSugar is for you.

3. Position yourself as a thought leader -- BizSugar is about helping you achieve extraordinary things in YOUR business. BizSugar gives you a platform to display your expertise and for others to discover it. Come on ... show us what you got!

4. Market your website, blog and business -- As a small business person, you probably feel like the proverbial needle in a haystack at times (i.e., hard to find). BizSugar makes it easier for your blog, your expertise and your business to stand out and be discovered. BizSugar Members who actively participate get traffic, expand their social profiles, and develop a wider audience.

5. Network with peers -- By participating at BizSugar you will meet and connect with other like-minded business people. Jump in, start voting and commenting -- it's a great way to "meet" people! Many strong relationships have developed out of BizSugar.

How Does BizSugar Work?

It's pretty simple. First you become a Member. Then, participate however you wish, by doing any of the following:

  • submit blog posts, videos, articles for other Members to enjoy
  • find and read relevant content submitted by other Members
  • help curate the best content by voting on other Members' submissions
  • network and make friends by commenting and joining in the discussion
Jim Kukral and Small Business Trends put together a video explaining how the site works. Take a look.

Does It Cost Anything to Join?

It's absolutely free!

What Kinds of Content Do You Accept?

We accept content of interest to owners and managers of small businesses, and to entrepreneurs. Business news, strategies, tips, top lists, how-tos and trends are always a good bet. For more on the types of acceptable content and how to submit it, see the Content Submission Guidelines. Or just browse through the site and see what kinds of articles are getting votes and comments.

Where Do I Find Voting Buttons and Badges?

Click here to select BizSugar voting buttons and badges to place on your blog. You will also find the blue-and-white Top Stories widget (showing the Top 10 stories at any given time - you can tailor it to include only your own content).

How Do I Become a Contributor of the Week?

Participate! Contributor of the Week is a distinction granted based on your overall participation levels. Each week we interview and profile a loyal Member on the BizSugar blog, and feature them on the site. The BizSugar Moderator Team chooses Contributors of the Week. If you would like to throw your hat into the ring to be considered, please contact us with a quick note along with your screen name, real name, website/blog address and email address.

How Do I Become a Top Member?

Participate! Top Member status is automatically calculated by our software algorithms. It is based on a combination of your activity levels: the number of submissions of content you make to the site, how many of those go "hot" (get voted by your peers to the home page), the number of comments you make, and the number of votes you cast for content. Also, you get a little extra credit for having a custom avatar instead of the default blue sugar-cube avatar -- so be sure to upload your picture or logo.

How Do I Become a Volunteer Moderator?

Please contact us and tell us you're interested in becoming a moderator. We look for those who are willing to visit the site each day, who are friendly, and who want to be part of building an exciting community. We are always looking for volunteers. You'll become an "insider" to a great community, learn a lot and meet many fantastic people!

Who Created BizSugar?

BizSugar was created by DBH Communications, Inc. Since 1991, DBH has provided business owners and managers with award-winning business news and information including the Kansas City Small Business Monthly magazine and the Business Intelligence Report newsletter. In 2009, BizSugar was acquired by Small Business Trends LLC, a company that exclusively publishes websites and online information for small businesses with up to 100 employees. Read more about BizSugar.

Why Was BizSugar Created?

It was created out of necessity. The original founder was looking for a small business news aggregator like BizSugar but was disappointed that the existing social media websites were just too general in scope to be of much use. The owner of the founder-company knew from experience how time-starved most business people are. He figured if it could help him, it could help others.

Where Should I Start?

We suggest you start with our Best of BizSugar list. https://share.bizsugar.com/small-business-resources/

What About These Contests I see Referenced?

From time to time, we ran community contests. You can find them at the following: Rock Your Biz contest. Sugartone contest. Brother "Back to Business" contest.

How Can I Contact You?

Visit our Contact page to reach us.


Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!