If your small business is a startup, you don't have time to process a lot of information. BizSugar's Startup section does that for you.

Today’s customers are overloaded and overwhelmed by too much information, so making a decision is a challenge. You may think this is only important to your marketing and sales people, but in reality it doesn’t matter how great your product or technology might be, you won’t succeed if you don’t unde Read More
When starting out there's a thin line between growing a healthy business and launching a dead business, this post will help you grow a healthy business.

Every business struggles, so even if your business is on the decline it’s not too late to read these tips to discover how to make your business Read More
If you want people to invest in your idea, then my best advice is first write a business plan, and keep it simple. Don't confuse your business plan with a doctoral thesis or the back of a napkin. Keep the wording and formatting straightforward, and keep the plan short. For minimum content, see my o Read More
Americans spent more money than the combined GDP of 39 countries on their pets in 2018, which was a whopping $72 billion. With such a big market, it is easy to see the big opportunities in the business of all things canine.
A new infographic presented by TruDog and developed by NowSourcing titled, Read More
If you are an entrepreneur these days, or trying to grow an existing business, everyone is telling you that you need to use social media. There are many ‘experts’ out there telling you how to do it, or even offering their services. But very few are talking about how to measure your results and retu Read More

How to Prosper as a Frugal Startup

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Tips for launching a startup on a frugal budget, while not missing out on crucial tools and branding opportunities. Read More
If you are just plain tired of working so hard, or your startup is not getting the traction you expected, should you shut down cleanly, or just file for bankruptcy and walk away? For those who think that bankruptcy is the easy way out, think again. Bankruptcy should always be the absolutely last re Read More
We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help de-mystify and de-stress the process of starting an Etsy shop. Learn branding basics, how to create listings, product pricing, financial and legal details – even marketing and long-term strategy – everything you need to succeed as an Etsy entrepreneur.
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An all-too-common question I get from startups and small businesses is “Which is the right social media platform for my business?” Is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or one of the other 200 active platforms vying for attention these days? The right answer is that not all of these are worth your att Read More
Are you thinking about taking a risk? If so, I dare you to read these extraordinary quotes on risk-taking. And not just taking risks in business...but in anything. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!