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Every startup founder knows implicitly that startup success is a long hard road. Yet we always dream that we are the exception to the rule. So once in a while it’s good to look at some facts to temper our imagination. Read More

Resistance is Futile! Stop Holding Back on Your Startup Dreams

Resistance is Futile! Stop Holding Back on Your Startup Dreams - https://www.bizepic.com Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Startups
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Wannabee entrepreneurs hold off on launching their dream startups because they do not have their feet planted firmly in reality. Do not be one of them. Read More
Business trust seems to be in short supply these days. Perhaps it’s because we are reminded daily of scams on the Internet that result from unscrupulous businesses and people. Yet if you run a business, you know things won’t get done, and most customers won’t buy, unless they trust you. Thus, it’s Read More
Video marketing is becoming more important for businesses of all sizes. But many small companies don’t have the resources to produce professional video content. That’s where vidbuild comes in. The company offers a platform that simplifies video ad creation. You can add your own content or access st Read More
Contrary to what you might guess, the highest rate of entrepreneurial growth over the last few years is not Gen-Y upstarts, but Boomers over the age of 50, now called encore entrepreneurs. In fact, according to the latest Index of Startup Activity by the Kauffman Foundation and recent press reports Read More
A clothing brand needs more than just exquisite apparel design to create a lasting business. It needs all the trappings of a successful business as well. Here's a 7,000-word complete guide - everything you need to know to build a successful clothing line or brand. Read More
Some investors seem to focus wholly on the strengths of the management team, or a sustainable competitive advantage, and in reality these are the core attributes for every funding equation. While these may be necessary for funding, they may not be sufficient to make your startup the great success e Read More
Many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking to the Internet as an opportunity to get rich quick, instead of a place where you can start a business you love, for very little capital and minimal technical expertise. The reality is that if you build a business you love, you may in fact make big money, but Read More
Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for businesses. But updating every platform with valuable content can be time consuming. That’s where a social media aggregator like Juicer.io can help.
The company started as a small project and has since grown into a tool that businesses of all si Read More
In this age of constant market evolution and new technology, there is no such thing as a static business that is self-sustaining. The traditional approach of implementing stable and repeatable processes, so that your business can run itself, no longer works. Just ask former big brand companies, lik Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!